The appearance of the Galaxy-A11 Circulating on the Internet


Ubergizmo, Samsung reported announced some time ago, it will start the mass production of the 16GB of RAM-type LPDDR5 RAM chip set. This chipset is on the strengthening smartphone premium.

As is known, is not, nowadays, a lot of smartphone 16GB RAM on the market. Well, Galaxy S20 Ultra, was released recently, is one of the devices with 16GB of RAM.

According to Samsung, the chipset, 16GB of RAM, which is mass-produced, offers speeds of up to 5,500 MB / s. So, make you 30% faster than other types of opto-LPDDR4.

Samsung also claims, opto LPDDR5 more efficient than the chips of the previous generation. So, if you put them in smartphonethe battery of the device can be more efficient.

Not to mention Samsung, the company-a company started to book or are interested in chip-RAM LPDDR5 her.