The AppStore and in the Google Play Store From the Block of Corona-Virus application


Google Play and the App Store

Google Play and the App Store

Apple and Google began to reject the application-the application associated corona-virus in the app store to combat misinformation in the virtual world, it was a number of media reported this week.

Apple rejects applications, the associated corona-virus in the store, the App Store that do not come from official institutions such as the world health organization or the government.

Four companies-developers unveiled, Apple had rejected their app, which contains data on the number of people with the corona-virus in the whole world.

In fact, sue the developer, that with your data from reliable sources, such as the world health organization (WHO).

One of the developers admitted to an employee of Apple, you take contact by phone, and explain that all the information will be adopted in relation to the corona-virus, if derived from the health official and the government.

While Google is also reported to not bring any results for the search-related corona virus in the Play Store. However, Google has to official information about the application-the application associated corona-virus.

Google and Apple are not alone in the efforts to end the hoaks and false news about the corona virus. Before Twitter and Facebook, and has been confirmed, it will dampen the information about the corona virus in the social media platforms.

Facebook Banned Advertising Products

Facebook Inc. to prevent ban, such as advertising for products that claim, or to treat the corona virus, because it as not to aggravate the situation in the middle of the outbreak.

A spokesman of Facebook said that advertising is prohibited, between the other surface of the mask “gave the guarantee to 100 percent prevent corona”.

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