The Argentine Foreign Ministry disputes the map published by the Chilean Navy

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Argentine filed a complaint against the Navy card Chilean “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has filed a complaint against a Chilean map projected onto Argentine territory,” he wrote on X (Twitter) today. Guillermo Carmona, Secretary of the Malvinas, Antarctica and South Atlantic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina.

An “illustrative map of maritime areas under Chilean jurisdiction” was published by the Chilean Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service on August 23 and, according to the Buenos Aires Projects, the “inferred Chilean continental shelf” that overlaps the sector of the Argentine continental shelf. Argentina has sent a diplomatic note to Chile, foreign ministry sources told Télam. An important debate on the same issue was already taking place in 2021, when in August of that year, the government of then President Sebastián Piñera published Decree 95, which claimed the same territory.

For more than a century, the two countries have been debating the boundaries between the Strait of Magellan and the Drake Passage, a line that marks the southern passage between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. In 1984, after many years of tension, also with the mediation of the Pope. John Paul IIThe Treaty of Peace and Friendship confirmed the desire of the two countries to come to a “friendly” solution, starting with a line connecting six exact points, each of which is distinguished by a letter of the alphabet. However, controversy remains as to the meaning of the letter “F”, a strategic point at the crossroads of the oceans, south of the islands below the Beagle Channel: Ewalt, Barnelt and Hornos.

Argentina proposes to draw a direct line to the south, leaving Chile with all that is left to the west. Chile denies the existence of international treaties formalizing the separation between the two oceans and confirms its ownership of the stretch of sea to the east of the imaginary line. As already mentioned, in the second half of the last century there were very heated moments in the dispute. In 1977, Argentina offered to share ownership of the islands claimed by Chile, which became the diplomatic basis for establishing maritime boundaries acceptable to both sides. The offer was rejected by Santiago, leading to an escalation in tension that heightened the fear of an imminent war between the two countries. The 1984 treaty consolidated the method and most of the related territorial powers, leaving undecided the ownership of more distant waters under “point F”. Since then, the Argentine government and institutions have continued to support the desirability of a perpendicular line to the south.

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