The Art Exhibition “Art Will Save the Sea” by Annarita Serra arrives in Marina di Scarlino in collaboration with the Federica Gizzoni Art Gallery.

MARINA DI SCARLINO – Since 2016, Marina di Scarlino has constantly striven to contribute to the protection of the sea and nature through exhibitions, shows and performances in collaboration with artists and galleries are dedicated to this important topic.

We take care of the sea as we take care of ourselves, because, as Baudelaire said, “the sea is your mirror; you contemplate your soul / In the endless reversal of its wave / And your spirit is no less bitter abyss. And the sea in the works of Annarita Serra is a symbol, an invisible, deep image that confronts us with a choice: with what eyes do we care about the world, about ourselves?

Annarita Serra, through her works, encourages us to raise our eyes and pay attention. Observing and close to the details: the objects that make up the work of Annarita Serra are collected and returned from the sea, from the waves gliding on the beaches of her beloved Sardinia. Or they are waste, waste, marginal objects in the eyes of the world. Annarita Serra re-proposes them, increasing their value and reshaping their meaning through readymade and assembly techniques.

Marcel Duchamp was right when he asserted that objects deprived of their utilitarian meaning, and therefore of their purpose of consumption, removed from the market, are, as it were, stripped and exhausted, “clothed with the desert dignity of abandoned things. Worthless or ready to use, open to every possibility.” They are alive. They are on the verge of existence, in an absurd state and out of context. “This embarrassing object,” Duchamp said, “is the first step towards art.” And the art of Annarita Serra is an art that has rediscovered its function: to produce an impact that translates into reflection, and sometimes even commitment, into action in the world.

His poetic, ironic works play with icons from Marilyn Monroe to Charlize Theron to Vermeer’s girl with a pearl earring, inspiring play, familiarity and direct reflection on the present, representing a consumer society, idols, waste and excess. The silent sea, but with the “voice of free majesty”, as Ungaretti wrote, looks at us and reveals the disasters of our greed and our carelessness. By not keeping them to himself, he makes them inevitable.

The sea in Annarita’s work once again becomes a bridge to be conceptually crossed, a rock to collide with, an opportunity to connect with others in search of new ways of making sense of our relationship with nature.

IMPORTANT – The exhibition “Art will save the sea” can be visited at the KUMA GALLERY in Marina di Scarlino; it can be visited throughout August from 19:00 to 22:00, but also by reservation; Information: – tel: 3804188822

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