The Assembly developer, the Apple Worldwide Threatened to Cancel, because Corona

154 – Collect event-the annual developer-Apple world, or of the so-called Worldwide Developer Conference ( WWDC), being threatened is null and void.

Section, Department of Public Health in Santa Clara, announced that the whole event of meeting bulk (Mass collect), which is usually accompanied by 1,000 people or more in a large room, should not take place in the region.

The event WWDC is usually attended by thousands of participants, consisting of developers, students, journalists and a number of other guests. An annual celebration of Apple was held in San Jose, a part of the county of Santa Clara.

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“Today we have announced the rules of the Department of Public health, where the meetings of the entire mass to be canceled in Santa Clara,” said Department of Public Health county of Santa Clara in the blog.

“This regulation will enter into force on March 11, 2020, at exactly 00:00 and will last for three weeks,” they added.

Apple itself has no official information whether the policy of the government that may impact on the continuity of the intention of the annual or not.

However, if you expect three weeks (long-time ban on the Assembly), namely, 1. April, and judging by the list of WWDC, usually in the month of June, the actual Apple can still hold the event.

Only the appearance of regulation is probably a sign that the event is similar to, and also the WWDC, the possibility of danger can’t be kept, as compiled KompasTekno from AppleInsiderOn Wednesday (11/3/2020).

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In addition, if the control has not detected an outbreak of the corona virus, significant progress, it is not likely to extend the Department of Public health, in General, a ban that has been presented above.

For your information, the Santa Clara county, California, is the home of several large companies, such as Google (Mountain View), Hewlett-Packard (Palo Alto) and Apple (Cupertino).

Previously, Google had to cancel the event, collect the developer, similar to the title of the Google I/O, usually in the month of may. The notice of termination is not caused by the outbreak of the corona virus (Covid-19), it is not the big event was held.

So, what is with Apple? We look forward to his development.