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The atrocities that were published about Brad Pitt and the surprising deal with his children

The divorce between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was not easy from the beginning. In fact, the most publicly damaged has been the actor, who has had to endure intimate details being leaked that have destroyed the image he had before his fans and his audience begins to wonder many things.

When their separation was made public in 2016, many international media began to draw conclusions about why the love between them had ended and the main reason found was the actor’s relationship with his children.

According to the Daily Mail at that time, Brad Pitt had an aggressive and strong character with his six children due to some substances that he smoked and because of his problems with alcohol. Something that Angelina never saw with good eyes, especially when that attitude harmed her children.

Meanwhile, the New York Post claimed that Angelina had hired a private detective when she found out that her husband might have a secret affair with Marion Cotillard while filming the movie “Allies.” During these years, Brad Pitt has had to see how his name has been exposed in the media and he has been related to having been with celebrities, such as Selena Gomez.

Currently, Brad Pitt has a very complicated relationship with his six children, but especially with Maddox, who has had to declare before a judge the hell he lived next to his father. In fact, according to the international press, the young man no longer uses Brad’s last name, he writes ‘Jolie’, a way to completely disassociate himself with the actor.

Many have been the media that have shared the feelings of Brad Pitt at this time, who is emotionally devastated by finding himself further and further away from his offspring. And it is that since Angelina Jolie denounced him for domestic violence, the bridges that there were to his children have been collapsed one by one, something that is emotionally damaging the actor.

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