The author of the book ‘The Battle of the Brothers’ reveals that a call concerning Meghan Markle from William to Henry precipitated their separation | people

It was 2018 when several employees at Kensington Palace, where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex then resided (who later moved to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor), officially complained that they were being harassed at work by Meghan Markle. Those allegations, revealed last March by The Times and that Buckingham has promised to study thoroughly, they are behind the definitive separation of Princes William and Henry, as now explained in the same British newspaper Robert Lacey, author of the book The Battle of the Brothers.

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In his book Lacey (known for his biographies of businessman Henry Ford and Queen Elizabeth II) claims that the tension between the brothers reached a point of no return when William phoned Henry to ask for explanations about the allegations of alleged workplace harassment against Meghan Markle that he had received. Henry exploded in defense of his wife, and when William insisted, he hung up the phone, the author maintains. Lacey also picks up a testimony from one of those employees who protested Markle’s attitude: “Meghan presented herself as the victim, but she was the abuser. People felt run over by her, they thought she was a sociopathic narcissist.”

The writer also explains that sources close to William told him that the heir felt his sister-in-law “was stealing from his beloved brother” and did not understand how British royalty works. The one who internally raised the complaint against Markle in 2018 was Jason Knauf, then the dukes’ communications secretary and now a collaborator of Prince William. Knauf contacted William’s secretary, Simon Case, and the palace’s head of Human Resources, Samantha Carruthers, to report that two of Markle’s personal assistants were being harassed at work and that another member of her team felt “humiliated” by her. The dukes’ lawyers were quick to refoo these allegations saying Buckingham Palace is using the media “to sell a completely false narrative.” They, for their part, spoke in an interview with popular American presenter Oprah Winfrey last March about the strained relationship with the British royal family that led them to move to the United States.


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