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The bad news for Ripple (XRP) came from the famous lawyer!

Pursued by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Ripple has had a rather tumultuous litigation process, but many XRP investors believe that it is over. Although Ripple’s milestones and court rulings show that progress has been made, the case is unlikely to end soon, according to a famous lawyer.

The earliest date for Ripple is November

Famous lawyer Jeremy Hogan emphasized that Ripple would have to wait a few months before even reaching a deal, and that the process is still in its early stages. The SEC sued Ripple during the final days of last year and revealed that XRP is security.

Hogan, on the other hand, said in his latest video that the discovery process for the case has been extended once again and will not end until November 12. This shows that the two parties have to wait until November to reach an agreement.

Neither party will be able to know the thoughts of the other until November 12, that is, until the exploration process is completed. Even if there is a multi-million dollar fine, which would be fun, Ripple won’t be able to enforce it for several months. For Ripple, there is no difference between $ 20 million and $ 200 million, but it will take a few months for this to be finalized.

Hogan believes that the SEC pushed too hard at this point and could fine Ripple. To see all of this, you may have to wait until at least November.

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