the Balearic island to be discovered

considered thelast paradise of the Mediterranean, the small island of Formentera never ceases to bewitch anyone who visits it. Wild and with thathippy allure that can still be breathed today in the small inhabited centers or in the numerous dirt roads that lead to the sea, this much sought-after destination has always been the favorite of thousands of Italians.

But what made this piece of land so famous? Definitely his crystalline seathe wonderful beaches rich in shades of pink and, last but not least, the possibility of experiencing it in your own way. Chameleonic like few others, this island is able to show off both its most fashionable side and its simplest side, with a clear hippy imprint.

Indeed, it is no mystery that in the 70s, many young people from all over Europe chose this small island precisely because of its uniqueness: light years away from the consumerist system that was spreading practically everywhere, Formentera resisted as the last bulwark of authenticity. Suffice it to say that, at the time, electricity was not widespread and people lived in most of the island following the cycle of the sun.
His other side, that glamorousmade up of footballers and well-known faces from television then arrived towards the 2000s. Paparazzi on the most beautiful beaches or in the most fashionable restaurants, this flow of VIPs has done nothing but increase the popularity of Formentera. Only a few years ago, on the enchanting beach of Ses Illetes, Angelina Jolie and Leonardo di Caprio were also spotted. In short, if everyone wants to go to Formentera there will be a reason!

To reach it you just need to book a flight to nearby Ibiza and then head towards the port; from there, in about 30 minutes by ferry, you will reach your destination. To enjoy it to the fullest, look for a car rental in Formentera in this way you will be autonomous in moving between the various beaches and the characteristic inhabited centres.

But what are the unmissable experiences to do on this little corner of paradise? Well despite its small size, the island offers so much. Start by dedicating every day of your holiday to discovering its enchanting beaches: if you have been lucky enough to visit the Caribbean, you will immediately realize that the difference is not that much!
The secret of the crystalline waters of Formentera can be attributed to the presence of Oceanic Posidonia, an endemic plant that protects the sea from pollution and oxygenates the marine environment. In this regard, it is impossible to draw up a ranking of the most beautiful beaches but, specifically, some peculiarities can be identified that may be useful in your wanderings.

For example, if you want to get in touch with mother nature and literally strip yourself of everything, the coves on the beach of Migjorn, are the ideal place to go. Frequented by many naturists, they are places where, a great feeling of peace and silence are the masters, There is therefore no better place to relax, pampered only by the rustle of the waves.

For those who love comforts such as bars and restaurants, the beach of Es Pujols it is undoubtedly the best equipped. Lively and always populated by many tourists, it is the right place for those looking for every type of comfort not far from a very clear sea.
Finally (but only so as not to take away the pleasure of discovering all the beaches) an area of ​​Formentera where it is possible to spend a wonderful day at the beach is certainly that of Cala Saona. Far from the usual circuits, it offers a wide beach, a sea of ​​a thousand shades of blue and, above all, one decidedly scenic rocky scenery.

But those who choose Formentera go there not only for its transparent sea… but also for its celebrities appetizers. Among the most famous we suggest the one with a hippy spirit al Piratabuson the coast of Migjorn and the more fashionable and glamorous one from Chezz Gerdi in Es Pujols.
Depending on your mood and your style, it is in fact possible to choose the most suitable location, not bad, right?

If, on the other hand, you love to eat something while sipping an excellent cocktail, then this is the right place for you Can Carlitos at the port of La Savina; with a splendid view of the sea you can wait for the sunset while enjoying delicious tapas by chef Nandu Jubany.

Another option is the one offered by Sa Sequia place not far from the small beach of Es Cavall d’Enborras: in one area you can sit down for an aperitif while, in an adjacent one, you can stop for dinner as soon as the sunset show is over.

Finally, for those who like to delve deeper the cultural and historical aspect of the islandwe suggest a visit to the little one ethnographic museum of San Francesco. Not far from the main square and its marvelous 18th century church, this magical place will make you take a real step back in time: lots of tools of daily life, tools for working the land and traditional clothes, will reveal to you how, before advent of tourism, the island was a simple place, where theagriculture and to a lesser extent the fishingwere the major activities practiced by the inhabitants.

As for the more recent history of the island, you will have to go to the locality of The Grindstoneprecisely within its majestic lighthouse. Since 2019, there has been an educational museum full of video testimonies, explanatory panels and objects, which well tell the complicated relationship of the islanders with the sea that surrounds them.
After the visit, don’t forget to lean out of the wonderful terrace which overlooks the sea directly. You will be suspended in the sky enraptured by an incomparable feeling of freedom.

To complete the experience, we suggest you stop in front of the commemorative monolith, dedicated to Jules Verne; the author in his book “The Adventures of Ettore Servadac” mentions the locality of Mola in a historical moment (1877) in which Formentera was practically unknown to most of the world. Legend has it that the information on this remote island was transmitted to him by the Archduke Savior of Austria who, through his Grand Tour, also visited the Balearic Islands.

Even if the summer holidays may seem far away, remember that Formentera is a very small island and, given its popularity, you may not find suitable accommodation by booking at the last minute. So play early and we are sure that then, year after year, you won’t be able to do without it!

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