The banned audition of Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone: how it went

Cult ’90s thriller Basic Instinct is still in the spotlight thanks to Sharon Stone’s explosive revelation. During an interview on Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? the actress revealed the unexpected backstory of her co-star Michael Douglas. It seems that Douglas was hesitant to work with Stone, fearing that his career might be damaged. Sharon Stone, however, did not let herself be discouraged and had to demonstrate all her sex appeal and charisma in order to win the role that made her the sex symbol of the time.

But let’s go in order. With its mixture of mysticism, eroticism and tension, Basic Instinct became one of the most exciting and talked about thrillers of the 90s. Directed by Paul Verhoeven, the film captured the attention of audiences, especially with Sharon Stone’s flamboyant and seductive performance as Katherine Tramell, a best-selling writer suspected of murder. His character has become an icon, and his famous cross-legged, underwearless interrogation scene has gone down in cinematic history.

During an interview, Sharon Stone said that Michael Douglas, who played Detective Nick Curran, was not initially enthusiastic about working with her. The actor feared that the film, with its provocative and sensual themes, might damage his image as a serious and respected actor. And so he expressed his desire to have another actress as a partner.

Michael Douglas and the Great Rejection: An Actor’s Decision That Shook the Set

However, Sharon Stone did not give up so easily. Deciding to get the role, she agreed to an audition with director Paul Verhoeven, who turned out to be perfect for the part. The director, impressed by her acting skills and ability to embody a character with magnetic sensuality, put a condition before the choice of the actress: each candidate had to surpass Sharon in the auditions.

During this intense selection process, about 12, 13 or 14 women tried to win this role, but none of them could match the performance of Sharon Stone. His magnetic presence and how he was able to bring out the eroticism the character needed left everyone speechless. It was exactly what the director and the film were looking for.

So, in the end, Michael Douglas gave in and agreed to audition with her. Before the decisive meeting, director Verhoeven gave Sharon valuable advice: to show all the eroticism required by the role. And she followed the instructions in the letter. Wearing a Giorgio Armani suit that cost her a lot of money at the time, sheer shirts and no underwear, Sharon Stone created an unforgettable scene.

Basic instinct: the end we all know!

During the audition, in the middle of the scene, the actress decided to take off her jacket, showing off her bold choice of image. At the same time, she noticed that Michael Douglas was carefully watching her, and then looked at director Paul Verhoeven. This gesture seemed to be the signal they were waiting for, and in the end, Sharon Stone landed the role that changed her career and life forever.

Since then, the story has become legendary and Sharon Stone has gained immense popularity due to her role in the cult film. Basic Instinct made cinematic history, and Stone and Douglas’ chemistry on the big screen helped make the film a timeless classic.

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