The Batalla de los Gallos: the most important freestyle competition has a new king

This Saturday the 15th national edition of the Batalla de Gallos, Red Bull Batalla, the most important Spanish-speaking freestyle event where the best 16 MCs in the country will meet.

Klan, alias of rapper Lucas Matías Santo, imprinted his name in the great history of Argentine freestyle by winning the National Final, which he reached with the record of eight consecutive participations since 2014.

The new champion not only clearly defeated each of his four opponents, but also his own ghosts, after he announced last Thursday that he took this as his last chance.

Klan gave ample evidence, battle after battle, that he had arrived determined to take the title that eluded him. His eight consecutive participations gave account of his validity in the freestyle elite, but as he had anticipated Télam in the previous one, he wanted to close his history in the competition “with a flourish”.

His victim in the final was the Mendoza Jaff -Julián Funes- one of the seven debutantes that made up the table of 16 classified rappers and rappers. In a generational duel, the one who was on that stage the most times would face off against the great surprise of the day; classic rapping against freshness.

Finally the experience weighed more and with the breath at times wild from all the other competitors in the cypher (the circle within which the freestylers improvised verses are thrown), Klan established with his rhymes the inevitable outcome of the battle.

“Klan came hungry, and he brings a piece of cake to his mother”, “It slips out of your hands, the last time I come and the first time I win” and “You deserve it, but this is mine and it is You know, “were some of the bars during the three rounds that led to the decision of the jury made up of Dtoke, Núcleo aka Tintasucia and Muphasa.

With versatility, he had previously imposed his style of forceful punchlines, staging and personality on the musicality of G Sony in the round of 16, the ingenuity of Mecha in the quarterfinals and the power of Wolf, who had just been a finalist in 2019 and 2020, in semis.

On the 15th. Red Bull Batalla anniversary, the Argentine competition did not disappoint; did not have an audience present for the second year in a row, but the level of the 16 MCs made up for the coldness of broadcasting from a television studio and lived up to the brand’s slogan that reads “many speak, few rhyme, but only the better improvise “.

The first battle of the afternoon had also brought the first commotion, since Tata, winner of the 2020 edition and who aspired to become the only three-time champion in the Argentine history of the event, was defeated in the replica by Dybbuk. The competitor from the western suburbs rapped better than his opponent, who did not get to warm up and even lost in the hit by argumentative hit, where he usually stomps.

Another not very happy note from the beginning is the one left by the defeat in the first of VID, Brasita and Saga, the three women who, never before so many at the same time, had achieved their pass to the National Final.

However, the cold handwriting of the results is misleading: the three played a great role and proved, once again, that girls also know how to rap.

The dispute for third place was won without too many extenuating MPs to Wolf, and thus not only confirmed the great year he had on the circuit, but also secured a place in the 2022 National Final with the podium.

The next stop on the Red Bull Batalla calendar is the Ecuador National on November 13, after which the countdown to the International Final will begin, which this year will take place on December 11 in Chile.

They are already waiting with their ticket for the first three of 2020, Rapder (Mexico), Skone (Spain) and Aczino (Mexico) and the champions of the rest of the national finals played so far: Hammer (Uruguay), Skiper (Mexico), P8 (Costa Rica), Basek (Chile), Marithea (Colombia), Reverse (United States), Stick (Peru), Gazir (Spain) and Exodus Lirical (Dominican Republic).

These were all the results of the National Final Red Bull Batalla Argentina:

– Eighths:

Dybbuk beat Tata after reply

MP beat VID

Mito beat Brasita after reply

Jaff beat Larrix

Mecha beat Zaina

Klan won G Sony

Jesse Pungaz beat Saga

Wolf beat Redbeard after reply

– Rooms:

MP beat Dybbuk after two aftershocks

Jaff beat Mito

Klan beat Mecha after reply

Wolf beat Jesse Pungaz after reply

– Semifinal:

Jaff beat MP after two aftershocks

Klan beats Wolf

– Third place:

MP beat Wolf

– Final:

Klan beat Jaff

Source: Télam

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