The Batman – Part 2: Matt Reeves reveals his goal for the sequel

Batman - Part 2

Will be released in cinemas in 2022 Batman (read our review here) was a smash hit that gave fans an exciting new take on the role played by the Dark Knight Robert Pattinson, So now we are eagerly waiting for the release of the sequel, Batman – Part 2, Recent guest of the Team Deakins podcast (via sth), director matt reeves With this second feature film dedicated to the DC superhero he briefly indicated what his goal is.

,I’ve had so many amazing collaborators to work with and when you find someone you love working with, all you want is… ‘Let’s please keep working together… How far can we go? can go aheadReeves said. ,I’ve been talking with Greg Fraser (cinematographer on The Batman) about this for a while. I’m trying to write the next film with my partner now, and we’re doing this… He says, ‘Let’s take it further, see where we can go. We try to go as far as possible. And I’m like ‘Yeah, that would be really exciting’,

Currently, the release of Batman – Part 2 is scheduled for 3 October 2025, Principal photography is expected to begin in autumn. Given Reeves’ words and motives, an even more complex and ambitious second chapter can be expected. There is strong speculation that the sequel will focus on the court of owls, a dark society that has secretly controlled Gotham City for centuries. We’ll surely learn more about this long-awaited sequel as the start of filming gets closer.

Batman – Part 2Everything we know about the film

When the new DCU list was announced, james gunn Confirmed Reeves Films Will Stay Away From DCU, So This Film, Along With Sequels Joker: Folie A Deux Of Todd Phillips, would be considered an “Elseworlds” short story. Little is known about the plot of Batman – Part 2although it is certain Robert Pattinson The Dark Knight will return as the protagonist. the first film introduced clown and left the Riddler alive imprisoned in Arkham, so that one or both of these iconic antagonists could return in the new film.

then there will be a spin-off the Penguincharacter played by Colin Farrell and exist in Batman, even though Batman – Part 2 If successful, it is likely that a decision will be made to further expand this narrative universe, adding new characters and new villains, perhaps with works dedicated entirely to them. For now, except for the return of the Penguin andriddler Of Paul DanoFor Batman – Part 2 It is rumored that the villains may be clown summarized by Barry Keoghan in the first film clayface,

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