The Batman – Part II, the latest rumors about the film’s villain have fans excited. Here Are Two Actors In The Running For The Role

Batman – Part IIThe long-awaited sequel to last year’s hit, is currently being written, and although it’s more than two years away from its release, Rumor There are more and more insinuations around the film.

The latest rumors hint at the arrival of a new incarnation of one of Bat-Man’s most famous adversaries. According to Jeff Snyder and John Rocha, two well-known and reliable insiders, no one else will be introduced in the film. Harvey DentThe famous district attorney is nicknamed “Two-Face”.

As you will remember, in Batman Corrupt District Attorney Gil Colson falls prey to the Riddler, which – given the vacancy – could lead to the introduction of Harvey Dent in the new film. Two insiders also did not fail to tease fans of the claim of the new prosecutor “can become two-faced till the end of the movie,

Snyder and Rocha then add another surprising revelation, revealing the names of two actors who will be in prime position for the part in director Matt Reeves’ plans. about this Josh Hartnett And Joel Edgertonwho would be called upon to bring the character to life after his last appearance in 2008 dark Knight by Christopher Nolan where he had the features of Aaron Eckhart.

Josh Hartnett is known to the general public through his roles in films such as pearl harbor, black Hawk Down, slevin, 30 days of darkness And sin city, before taking an indefinite break from scenes. Joel Edgerton on the other hand has appeared in films such as Warrior’s, zero Dark Thirty, the great Gatsby And Exodus – Gods and Kings,

To this day, we still know nothing about the plot of the film, although it has been reiterated on several occasions that parallel projects such as a series dedicated to the Penguins – which is currently in filming – are one of them. decisive influence In the development of this second part of the story.

he will return to directing again matt reeves, who is currently writing the screenplay with Mattson Tomlin. On the cast front, in addition to the return of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, we should also see Andy Serkis in Alfred Pennyworth. although they are still missing official confirmation In this sense, Oswalt Cobblepot aka The Penguin, played by Colin Farrell, should also reappear. More uncertainty looms instead over a new appearance of Selina Kyle, played by Zoe Kravitz, and the Riddler, played by Paul Dano.

As we know, the saga that began under the direction of Matt Reeves is set to continue under the label DC Elseworlds (“Other Worlds”), which would collect within it projects that would take place in a universe separate from the new DC Universe films planned by James Gunn.

Batman – Part II expected to hit the big screen for October 3, 2025,

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