The BBC network will return the BAFTA award it won for the controversial interview with Princess Diana in 1995


The explosive 1995 interview in which Diana of Wales spoke publicly of her husband Prince Charles’s infidelities and his bulimia problems has been examined from a new angle in recent times, due to the rumors that have always circulated in this regard and that they suggest that false evidence was used to gain their trust.

Twenty-five years later, the British network BBC opened an independent investigation led by a former judge of the United Kingdom’s Supreme Court, John Dyson, to clarify if there was any truth in these speculations, and on Thursday, May 20, the conclusion was reached that reporter Martin Bashir used fake bank statements to secure access to the Princess of Wales.

In response to these findings, the BBC has agreed to return the award for a best television talk show for “Panorama Interview with Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales” which it won at the 1996 BAFTAs and has insisted that to this day significantly better processes and procedures that existed at the time. “The 1995 interview for ‘Panorama’ received several awards at the time. We do not believe that it is acceptable to keep these awards because of the way the interview was obtained they said in a statement.


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Bashir himself has acknowledged his error of judgment in his own statement, stressing that it is the second time that he has voluntarily cooperated with an investigation into events that occurred more than a quarter of a century ago. “I apologized back then, and I do so again now, for asking for the bank statements. It was stupidity and action that I deeply regret, but I stand absolutely firm in the tests I gave a quarter of a century ago, and again more recently, “he said.


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