The beach volleyball scene from Top Gun: Maverick is perfectly recreated by the varsity football team.

The haunting beach volleyball scene from Top Gun: Maverick is perfectly recreated by the Louisville Cardinals football team. The sequel to 1986’s Top Gun, a sequel by Joseph Kosinski, was released last year to rave reviews and a big box office success. While the thrilling aerial fighter scenes received the most praise, the film also features a beach volleyball scene, which is a cute reference to a similar scene from the original.

Now, the Louisville Football Twitter account has shared a perfect recreation of the beach scene from Top Gun: Maverick, complete with OneRepublic’s “I Ain’t Worried.” Watch the video below:

From the composition of the shots to the editing, from the color grading to the incomprehensible wearing of jeans, the recreation is impressively close to the original scene from Top Gun: Maverick. The only thing missing is a real beach.

How Maverick captures the essence of the original Top Gun

Greatly improving the aerial combat scenes, Top Gun: Maverick also undeniably has a throwback movie feel, capturing much of what made the first film so beloved. One of the key ingredients is the sequel’s willingness to embody the heartfelt and sometimes even sugary elements that dominated Tony Scott’s film. From the piano and bar songs to the beach volleyball scene and the romance between Tom Cruise’s Maverick and Penny Jennifer Connelly, Top Gun: Maverick evokes a bygone era of great filmmaking.

Many of today’s blockbusters make fun of emotional moments with witty jokes and puns. Sometimes it’s done to great effect, but like the original Top Gun, Kosinski’s sequel simply embraces those moments and finds the truth in them. This retro quality of Top Gun: Maverick is also helped, of course, by the use of the original soundtrack from the film, which has a distinctly 1980s feel to it.

It’s important to note that Top Gun: Maverick doesn’t rely heavily on CGI special effects to implement its action sequences. In 1986, using CGI wasn’t really an option for the original, and the sequel takes things a step further by sparingly using visuals in favor of live-action action. As such, Top Gun: Maverick is truly the perfect sequel, capturing the essence of the original where it needs to be, but improving on it in many ways.

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