The Beautiful and the Damned: The Escape of Bella Thorne and Jake Manley in the first series on Rai 4

Robbery, murder and obsession with fame and social media. These are the ingredients on which Infamous is based – Belli e dannati, streaming tonight – August 2 – on Rai 4.

Infamous – beautiful and damned – crime film starring former Disney starlet Bella Thorne – And Rai 4 offer for todayAugust 02 -, where it will be broadcast at approximately 21:20. Described as “Bonnie and Clyde in the Age of Social Media”Thus, the feature film is ready to captivate the Italian public on a serene August evening, when TV programs begin to languish due to the summer break. So here are some details about it plot It’s included throw.

Infamous – Beautiful and Damned: plot and actors of a crime film with Bella Thorne

live in one small town in Florida – where nothing interesting ever happens – and serving restaurants has never been a dream Ariel. In fact, the girl always wanted more: success, popularity and admiration. But when he discovers that his savings have been stolen by his mother’s boyfriend, takes shelter in Dean’s houseA petty criminal just arrived in town. After accidentally killing the boy’s father, Dean and Ariel begin a daring escape from robberies, escapes from the police and even murdersperpetuating their exploits and receiving millions of social media views. Obsessed with fame and a growing following, the two boys then attempt to travel to Hollywoodtrying to figure out what price to pay to stay famous.

Take on the role of Ariel, as mentioned, Bella Thorneformer Disney starlet, and current actress and model who has achieved controversial popularity due to her past on the site. Only fans and for directing a pornographic film called She and he. Launched as a very young girl from the Disney Channel series. At full speedrecently appeared in time out 2, the sequel to the blockbuster teen drama she co-starred with ex-boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo. Other roles for which she is remembered are those in Midnight sun – Midnight sun, You are still here – I am still you and horror comedy nanny – whose sequel was released in 2020, Nanny – Killer Queen. Jake Manley – best known for the Netflix series Order – instead lends body and voice to Dean. Then they complete throw Amber Riley – Mercedes Jones in the series jubilation -, Michael Seerow, Marisa Coughlan, Alia Muhammad, Madi Brady, Rose Lane Sanfilippo, Damon Carney, Joey Oglesby, Billy Blair and Robert Peters. Instead, leadership lies with Joshua Caldwell, who also wrote the script for the project. Filming Notorious happened at some places in the United States – they actually started in Guthrie, Oklahoma and ended in Miami between July and September 2019. Paradise 4to find out how Dean and Ariel’s dangerous journey will end.

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