The before and after of the stars of “Sabrina, the teenage witch”


Sabrina, the teenage witch it became one of the most popular series of the late nineties. To 17 years old (do You feel old now?), in his last season, in, we show you the before and after of the protagonists of this story, starring Sabrina Spellman (Melissa Joan Hart).

The series followed the life of Sabrina Spellman, a girl who on her birthday #16, I discovered I was a witch and had to deal with her magical powers and teenage years. The story, based on the comics of Archie, was broadcast from 1996 until 2003, with seven seasons.

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Currently, much has changed for the actors of this program noventero, which became a classic of television. New generations will know the version of Sabrina presented in the remake, starring Kiernan Shipka, but in our hearts there will always be a space for the original series.

It is for this reason that the birthday #44 of Melissa Joan Hartwe decided to introduce to you a before and after of the characters of Sabrina, the teenage witch Who was your favorite?