The best adidas sneakers of the ’90s you can’t miss today

Most sneakerheads will agree with us: golden season of sports shoes it was the 90s adidas sneakers played a very important role in consolidating contemporary culture streetwear.For example, internationally renowned athletes such as Andre Agassi and Michael Jordan, while bands such as the Beastie Boys and Megadeth have also Kick on the world map.

Specifically, we can cite a few obvious examples of the time.First in 1992, when the Beastie Boys moved to Los Angeles to continue their success sick license Found a bunch of wacky ’70s silhouettes in their rented Hollywood mansion and decided to use those old Adidas Campus The cover of his next album: check your head.

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Then came 1997. From the beginning, we knew this young Kobe Bryant was going to achieve something. That became even clearer at All-Star Weekend in Cleveland that year. Kobe put on his championship jersey and never took it off.this tennis?some very powerful Adidas equipment elevation. Design is always in our minds and hearts.

With this in mind, we introduce the following adidas sneakers The 90’s defined that era and you can continue to wear it in style today. In short, a silhouette you can’t miss.

Adidas EQT Support 93



This sporty model underscores the brand’s allure with the iconic three-sided stripes. Its purpose is to support the runner’s feet, no matter the terrain they are traversing.he color matching The special block design is more common in the model’s history.

Adidas EQT Running Mat 91



Introduced over 30 years ago, adidas EQT is a legendary sideline that provides performance gear for athletes, adventurers and active individuals. The “Form Follows Function” project was spearheaded by two ex-Nike employees, Peter Moore, a Nike designer. tennis Mr. Rob Strasser responsible for Air Jordan 1. The EQT series debuted in March 1991. Initially, four priority feature sneakers were released: EQT Running Guidance, Running Support, Running Mat and Racer. In developing the quartet, Moore enlisted the help of adidas ZX and Forum designer Jacques Chassaing. Chassaing quickly introduced Moore to three of adidas’ most advanced technologies: Soft Cell, Riemen and Torsion, which became the basis for his EQT shoe design. what do you see here Our favorite so far.

Adidas Ozwego


Exciting Vol.

The original Ozweego first hit the market in 1996 and was marketed as a lightweight running shoe for training and racing. Throughout the ’90s, adidas released various versions of the Ozweego, and the silhouette gained popular status in street culture. It wasn’t until 2013, however, that Raf Simons revitalized his designs with a provocative new version (albeit with little connection to the original that evokes today’s love of oversized silhouettes), His designs began to be republished again, with full approval.

Adidas Oregon Ultra Tech


Chunky stuff.

One of the most important and impressive innovations of the decade; especially for those who already fit well with the company’s ZX line. The crux of the matter is that the Oregon Ultra Tech used a Soft Cell cushioning in the heel, a Dellinger strap around the midsole, and reflective material in all the important details. Its pleasingly wide shape fit perfectly with the aesthetics of the time, and let’s face it, it fits perfectly with today’s aesthetics too.

Adidas KB8



The first shoe to bear the Kobe Bryant name features Feet You Wear technology designed to be an extension of the foot. The model became so popular, and absolutely powerful, that it was repeatedly compared to Michael’s design.Likewise, this tennis It picked up some retro love in the 2000s, was reintroduced in 2005, and made a triumphant return to the feet of adidas-sponsored teams during the 2011 NCAA Tournament.

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