the best alternatives to Netflix for it

If you have already seen some of the most interesting documentaries on Netflix, or if you have not seen any and you don’t want to pay a membership to enjoy real stories told in film productions, then the websites that you will see below are for you.

Next we have decided to make a compilation with 5 alternatives to Netflix focused on documentaries. In them, you will have a wide range of options to watch online and for free.


The strong point of DocumentaryHeaven is that it offers a website with different options so that we can find a good documentary with better precision. For example, here we have the top 100, the best, more than 35 categories, score from 1 to 10 and labels again for recently added. If the material is in English, you can enjoy it without problem thanks to the YouTube translation, since most clips are uploaded through the platform.


The main course of Documentary.net is to leave us with hundreds of specials dedicated to controversial and day-to-day topics, which seek to explain the situation that was experienced, continues to be experienced or will be experienced later in different topics. On its main page you will see the box with each title and next to them you will know the duration, the category and if they have subtitles (almost everyone has it). Without a doubt, one of the most interesting free alternatives.


Whether you want to see a special on crime, psychology, history, music, sports, technology, among others, here you can do it enjoying good video quality and with a short synopsis so you know what the documentary is about. The categories will allow you to filter the content much more, so you can turn to them to see what delights your mind.

YouTube documentaries

At the halfway point we decided to leave YouTube for one reason only: Who has not seen a documentary or mini-documentary on this platform? So that you only see part of the highlights, We have already pinned the link on the page that will take you directly to the interesting documentaries section of YouTube. Most of them are published by the DW television channel and are in Spanish natively, so it is a plus that should be noted and of course, 100% free.

Top Documentary Films

When entering the Top Documentary Films portal you will find an intuitive start that shows you the most outstanding productions in the central part and together with their evaluation from 1 to 10 according to the score given by users. On the right side, you have all the categories available, the recently added, the most voted and the best rated. You can even subscribe to receive reminders of new documentaries. If you already know the name of a special, you can enter it in the search bar and check if it is available.

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