The Best Character Builds for Beginners

because Tons of customization options the role it provides us with Baldur’s Gate 3 Easy for anyone before starting a new game novice player RPG genre or people who don’t know much about the universe research and development Immediately feel lost. Which program should you choose or which program is the best?Your hero’s race, background or stats and abilities has a lot to do with style The starting point for your development.

For all this, in this entry our guide We have prepared a list of what we think best build or a character build you can create at the beginning start with the right foot.according to class more Suitable for beginners and recommendedwhere you can then apply one of these builds to your custom role using the information we provide If you find it difficult to create your own From the beginning.

Best Barbarian Berserker Build

he barbarian,in this case Savage Berserkeris an excellent build for beginners to Baldur’s Gate 3, as it offers a cause great damage In the melee, a very high resistance and a accurate Almost foolproof so as not to miss an attack at the worst possible time.

This version can be built with set up:

  • Race: dwarf
  • subspecies: shield dwarves
  • class: barbarian
  • Subclass: Berserker
  • background: Soldier
  • Skill: Athletics and Bullying
  • Preferred Weapon: two handed heavy weapon

he great strength The essence of a barbarian berserker is an innate ability brakewhile in this state, your character has increased physical resistance and gains advantage on Force checks and saving throws for 10 turns as long as he continues to deal damage to each character, i.e. Great for novice players They are having trouble in battle and need a tank that can overwhelm the fiercest opponents.

If you decide to create this version, you recommend Make sure your group is a balanced group (accompanied by a rogue, a priest, and a mage).

best rogue build

he rogue this is a class Has many uses In many cases.First, your invisibility in battle and his abilities carry out sneak attack Gives you highly accurate melee or ranged characters that can deal massive damage and camouflage Hit quickly.

This version can be built with set up:

  • Race: Drow
  • class: rogue
  • Subclass: thief
  • background: orphan
  • Skill: Tricks and Secrets
  • Preferred Weapon: dagger and bow

Without a doubt, Rogue is an incredible pick if you like to sneak in combat and also want to deal with an incredible pick. art expert Picking locks, disabling traps, and rummage Get into someone else’s pocket, which we expect you’ll do a lot in the game. Even, we must not forget, you can persuade or deceive For people in the social realm, these qualities are more than useful in the world of BG3.

Best Oathbreaker Paladin Build

this Paladin In BG3 they are very good at various scenes Therefore, they are very useful for covering many situations.In particular, these roles specialize in cause a lot of damage melee, but they can also use some magic Defeat your opponents and inflict various favorable stats.

This version can be built with set up:

  • Race: tiefling
  • subspecies: Zariel’s tiefling
  • class: Paladin
  • Subclass: oath breaker
  • background: Soldier
  • Skill: Athletics and Bullying
  • Preferred Weapon: two handed weapon
  • Spells: Blessing / Bossy Command / Thunder Punishment / Shield of Faith / Heal Wounds

It should be mentioned that Oathbreaker Subclass It cannot be selected from the character creator. Instead, this subcategory must be unlocked by breaking your oath; for example, swore to protect the innocent and then killed him.The good thing about being this paladin anti-hero is that, besides Control Undead or Ghostly Creatures.

Best Battle Master Warrior Builds

this warrior They are versatile fighters in BG3, thanks to their personalities in melee and ranged combat as well as Proficiency with any type of weapon or armor.So, as their class names suggest, they are perfect characters for combat, and their survival skills make them Ideal for beginners.

This version can be built with set up:

  • Race: Gisyanki
  • class: warrior
  • Subclass: battle master
  • background: stranger
  • Skill: Athletics and Survival
  • Preferred Weapon: two handed weapon
  • exercise: Attack and Disarm/Attack and Push/Counter Attack

This build focuses on using our character’s skills and traits to attack with two weapons repeatedlybecause fighters can pass such as sudden action (Level 2) and extra attack (Level 5) Hit multiple times in a single turn, thus transforming into unstoppable machine Can crush enemies with little time to react.

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