The best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022: what are they and how much are they worth

During 2021 the cryptocurrency market continued with its dizzying pace of development. Not just Bitcoin, and the crypto market in general, they scored an ATH (record price) with the market approaching close to US $ 3,000 million for the first time and Bitcoin reaching US $ 67,600 of contribution. Rather, there were changes in the products and services offered.

After the failure of the ICO (initial cryptocurrency offerings) during 2017 and 2018, which drove many investors away for the large number of fraudulent products, the crypto market bet on two new investment variants: DeFi and NFT. While they are new instruments for now, and it remains to be seen if they will share the fate of ICOs, they brought winds of change to the crypto ecosystem.

Secondly, there were positive developments in the local market for the development of crypto in the country, such as the recent adoption by Mercado Libre or the new Bitcoin ETF listed in Argentine pesos.

Will 2022 also be a positive year for crypto and what should you start investing in before prices rise?

In which cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022


Bitcoin is still the most important cryptocurrency in the ecosystem. Despite its high volatility, it is the most important cryptocurrency in market value, with a figure that amounts to US $ 1,069,414,089,906 and a year-on-year growth in its price of more than 200%.


Ethereum has been behind only Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency market for years. Crypto ETH, which popularized smart contracts, has great potential to outperform Bitcoin in the coming years. From a technological and development point of view, dominates a large part of financial transactions and payments in all sectors; in addition to providing the infrastructure for a large part of the DeFi protocols.


It is a cryptocurrency known for its efficient blockchain, resistant to censorship and fast for global adoption. It is likely that experience a rebound in the coming years due to your value proposition, since it is now in very low values. Which can mean a good investment opportunity for those who trust the project.


The world’s largest exchange cryptocurrency may perform well during 2022. As it becomes easier and cheaper to trade Binance crypto, there will be more interested parties and more movement in the market, which is estimated to have an impact on the listing price.


Polkadot and its DOT token, a blockchain network of the Parahchain variety. It has multiple blockchains connected within its own functions, allowing everyone to work together. Polkadot is very similar to Ethereum in allowing developers to create smart contracts and applications. From the point of view of functionality, can grow a lot over the next year.

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