The best films of Christopher Nolan Waiting for Oppenheimer and After him in the cinema in a restored version

When you say the name Christopher nolan You can’t help but see most of his films. It’s a bit like you haven’t seen the movies Cockpit. Trouble. August 23 a new Oppenheimer and everyone, at least in our area (the film has already been released almost all over the world), is curious to see it. Why Nolan is Nolanbecause from the trilogy The Dark Knight became one of the mainstays in world cinema: his film is always worth seeing, you know, he can give you something brilliant, authentic, original and perhaps shocking. Even when it confuses, deafens or makes you nervous, as happened with the keeper.

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TO nolanlately they like to bring a little confusion into the minds of viewers, let’s think about the intricate Originto the incomprehensible the keeperand now in Oppenheimer, which leads the life of the creator of the atomic bomb, setting different time frames and where the future is filmed in black and white in 70 mm (this was not the case before). In fact, Nolan loves to surprise. Simultaneously with the release of the new film, his debut work will be re-offered (from August 23) in a restored version. next. It all started with that black and white film. While waiting to find out who was behind the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we bring you a list of the best Nolan titles to see or browse. Almost everything, or almost.


next (1998)

In combination with Oppenheimer re-proposed in theaters (from August 23, from August 17 in Rome, Milan and Turin), in an edition restored and approved by the director himself, the first work Christopher Nolan. A low-budget black-and-white film noir written by the director and edited by Nolan himself.

Bill is an aspiring writer without ideas whose main occupation is to follow strangers on the street, picking them at random to find inspiration for his stories. When Bill encounters the thief Cobb, he is drawn into his turbulent and dangerous life.

I remember (2000)

Two thousand is Nolan’s year. The beginning of the new millennium was a turning point for the British director thanks to his I rememberinterpreted Guy Pearce. Based on a story by his brother Jonathan (producer and writer Western world), the film was nominated for an Oscar for original screenplay and editing.

Nolan excels in Hollywood. I remember tells about a man suffering from a special form of amnesia, who wants to take revenge on the one who killed his wife Katherine.
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Trilogy The Dark Knight (2005-2012)

The consecration takes place in 2005 with Batman Beginsthe first chapter of the trilogy, dedicated to the Man-Bat, played by Christian Bale. Nolan elevates the comic book movie, turns the hero into a dark anti-hero. The gloomy atmosphere, more like noir, tied to reality, is later transferred to the films. Joker AND Batman.

Nolan becomes a reference point for the cinematic world and for the public. His The Dark KnightWith Heath Ledger as the extraordinary Joker, he is famous and still the best Batman from the history of cinema. From that moment on, Nolan has no rivals. In 2012 everyone was waiting Rise of the dark knight. The English director closes the trilogy by signing the best possible chapter, albeit not until the first two. Let’s agree.
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Origin (2010)

Ten years since then next Nolan became one of the most popular directors and signed one of his most successful and challenging films. Origin. It is no coincidence that he recalls the narrative and temporal deconstruction experienced in I remember and in my first job. movie with Leonardo DiCaprio wins 4 Oscars. Nolan is on the Olympus of Hollywood. His visionary conquest of the public and critics.
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Leonardo DiCaprio in Origin. (Warner Bros.)

Interstellar (2014) e Dunkirk (2017)

Nolan is on the trail Cockpit: He also tries his hand at science fiction and war films. Kubrick signed absolute masterpieces such as 2001: Space Odyssey AND Full Metal Jacket; Batman director replied Interstellar AND Dunkirk.

In 2014, Nolan releases his own 2001 in which he will have an interstellar journey, bordering on philosophy and feelings, going beyond the measurement of time and space, as we mere mortals imagine them.

In 2017 with Dunkirk Instead, Nolan takes us to the midst of the British evacuation of Dunkirk during World War II in the wake of Private Tommy. The look is almost subjective on death, blood, pain, drama and hope. Travel almost to war in the spirit 1917. The aesthetic spectacle outweighs the historical and intimate elaboration of the characters. Nolan wants to give viewers an experience.
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Insomnia (2002) and Prestige (2006)

Insomnia is one of Nolan’s least successful films. Steven Soderbergh is producing a thriller with Al Pacino and Robin Williams, still as the bad guy after Photo per hour.

It will be a clash between the two: policeman Dahmer believes that you are holding the killer in your hand, and vice versa. Nolan, in his own way, manages to keep the tension going until the very end.

Between the first and second Batman, the director shoots Prestige, once again inviting Christian Bale and Michael Caine to his place. Journey through London at the end of the 19th century into the world of illusionism. It is not among the masterpieces.
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