The best indie games to play right now


With all the focus and popularity that gaming has been seeing over the last few years, it is no surprise that smaller, niche games, which may not have been picked up at all earlier, have become quite popular as well. Indie games, which are created by small game studios or individual developers, are often delightful pursuits, with great storytelling, game mechanics and quaint graphics to keep users hooked. Most of these games have very interesting themes, and this has been a growing phenomenon across online content, where people want more depth to their content. Online games, including casino games, need to have more than just flashy graphics to attract customers nowadays, and you can visit here to know more about some of the best thematic games out there.

Untitled Goose Game

This has become wildly popular and successful, spawning a succession of memes on the internet. It is a hilarious game, but is a lot of fun to play as well. The player takes control of a goose, whose only job is to terrorize the inhabitants of a village in England, by constantly annoying them, stealing things, and generally making a nuisance of yourself. It is a stealth game in essence, since the goose will need to complete tasks in secrecy and without being caught, but the setting makes it one of the best games of the year.

Kerbal Space Program

One for the space enthusiasts out there, Kerbal Space Program, or KSP, is actually quite an educational game. It allows players to learn a lot about space programs and rocket building, while having a ton of fun. Real-life physics rules apply, so players will need to be able to become adept at building multi-stage engines, space stations, orbiters and much more, to be able to escape into outer space and explore the surrounding planets. It is quite a challenging game, but intensely rewarding as well for those who are able to master it.

Deliver Us The Moon

DUTM is an adventure game, with quite a spooky mission. The player is a lone astronaut, who is sent to the moon to understand what happened to a mining facility which led to a disaster on Earth. There are puzzles to solve, areas to explore and lots of detective work in this game, which is an extremely satisfying one for fans of the genre.

Dreamscaper: Prologue

This is another indie game with a very unique premise. On the face of it, it seems like a normal game, where the player controls the main character as they go about their daily life, whether that is going to the library, grabbing a coffee or otherwise interacting with other people. However, this changes completely at night, where her lucid dreams are filled with monsters which need to be defeated. The colours and lighting used in the game do give it a very dream-like quality, making you wonder as to what is reality and what is the dream for your character in this game.


Gris is one of the most beautiful games on this list, with incredible hand-drawn graphics and a superb soundtrack serving to elevate this side-scrolling game. Even though it is just a typical game in this genre, the design elements, along with the quality of the puzzles and the captivating storyline, will keep users hooked and mesmerised.


Ooblets is available for early access at the moment, with the game being a mix of Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. You take up the role of an Ooble trainer/farmer, having to tend to your farm and rebuild your town, while also battling other trainers. It is an extremely relaxing game, with soft graphics, soothing colours and light gameplay.