The best looks from the 7th day red carpet

For the “one more round, one more run” series, which in this case is the equivalent of “one more red carpet, one more parade of stars”, on Tuesday, September 5, at Venice the time has come seventh red carpet belonging80th Film Festival. Actually, it’s evening. Zelena Borderoften mentioned in translations green border AND green borderAgnieszka Holland and Aeneas Pietro Castellitto, both contenders for the Golden Lion award. Feature film by Richard Linklater will be submitted as non-competing films Hitman and a documentary directed by Neo Sora on the life of the great musician Ryuchi Sakamoto, with the exact title Ryuchi Sakamoto – Opus.

It’s obvious that a host of celebrities have “landed” in Laguna (before) and dressed artfully (after) for the occasion, starting with Benedetta Porcaroli: after she garnered attention from the early hours of #day7 by appearing at the Lido with

school outfit from Prada – and not from Gucci, which everyone is used to seeing, the actress completely overshadowed everyone at the premiere Aeneas in a custom red Prada Passion dress. Walking the red carpet with her were Martina Strazzer, Gaia Masciale and Georgina Rodriguez (also in all red). For this reason, as every day since the beginning of the Exhibition, Cosmopolitan Italy did not miss the opportunity to create a special collection dedicated to the best outfits of the stars of this seventh evening in Venice. Scroll down to find out.

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