The best looks on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival according to Armocromia

Back to school with the first red carpet after the summer holidays. Meeting with Venice Film Festivalwhich arrived this year 80th editionlit up the lagoon for ten long days of shows, parties and, above all, gorgeous evening dresses that caught the photographers’ flashes.
There were plenty of big names in attendance, although many faces from the competition films were missed due to the actors’ strike that has rocked Hollywood in recent months.
No Emma Stone, Cate Blachette or Bradley Cooper.but even without them, the typical glamor of these social events did not disappear.

To prove this to you, we are opening a review of images from Venice from her, the godmother of this publication, the actress. Katerina Murino. She knew how to do the honors by always presenting her appearance at the proper level, but there were two occasions in which I particularly liked her: one shoulder dress from Fendi It looks like it was made just for her, and it’s the most flattering choice we’ve ever seen in terms of color. Great too Versacetone icy pink also ideal for those who, like you, are part of Winter season of armocromia. A silver bustier insert and stunning high jewelery add the finishing touch that further enhances her complexion.

Cailee Spaeny the opening of this exhibition was not only about this Volpi Cup winner How best actress for her role in a film Priscilla Sofia Coppola, but also for his choice on the red carpet. One above all optical white dress from Miu Miu which she wore to the film premiere: white, with a cascade of pearls on the shoulders and a deep neckline, not excessive, but very elegant.

From white to black, which, as always, was one of the most worn colors on the red carpet. They knew how to interpret it best. Dragana KosierinaWith One Shoulder Bustier Mermaid Dress with Silver Embellishmentideal for adding shine to an ensemble and Milena RadulovicWith The dress is completely covered in sequins with a pinstripe effect.

Looks best in black also for Catherine Poulain: dress Saint Laurent With hoodlong raven hair and gothic style makeup very well show the harmony that exists between this color and those who are part of the season. Winter of Armochromiawith moon skin and raven hair.

Black color has also traditionally been the leitmotif of men’s looks, and among all the actors and guests on the red carpet, there were two who stood out for their elegance: Adam Driver, with a classic black tie expertly put on and Dominic Cuomowho was able to bring a touch of originality to Venice, in a full Saint Laurent look that it would be an understatement to call complex, but which the actor Mare Fuori knew how to wear to perfection.

Now we come to the red carpet and must: everything that glitters. We know that in such cases, glitter of all shapes and colors falls, and the result is often not the most elegant. But this time we met several celebrities who knew how to dose them well, elegantly and in harmony with their natural colors.
The jumpsuit dress is very tasty Annabelle Belmondo, in shades of wisteria with hints of silver. Great too Gucci wore Jessica Chastainwith a peachy pink base illuminated by champagne reflections, with a more orange undertone that we also admired above. Madisyn Ryan and on creation Armani Priv what he wore.

Between red carpet classics and trendy new arrivals, brilliant reflections and shades of color. Who do you think was the best dressed star of the Venice Film Festival?

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