The best men’s Casio watch you could ask for is among these 16 crazy models

Casio it is proven proof that to have a cool watch you don’t necessarily have to spend a dizzying amount. This is well known in Hollywood, where some of the most famous film characters – often also great watch enthusiasts in real life – have strapped a Casio to their wrists: in the film CommandoSchwarzenegger wears a Casio G-Shock, as does Sylvester Stallone in the film Rambo III, Keanu Reeves in SpeedWill Smith in I, Robot or Bruce Willis in the movie Die Hard. And what about the Casio Databank, which has brought John Travolta’s agreement pulp Fiction with the Tom Cruise of Rain Man and the legendary Michael J. Fox of Back to the Future – Part II.

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Off the big screen, then, Casio choose characters like Pharrell Williams or Justin Timberlake. Or Robert Lewandowski, who also wore it during various official ceremonies. The Japanese brand’s offer is incredibly wide, so here are the best watches to buy now.

The best Casio Vintages

A family that brings everyone together, both those who lived through the eighties and those who love to evoke them in today’s fashion. The Casio Vintage are quartz models with a look that is both simple and super cool that everyone agrees on all occasions: whether it’s a weekend outdoors or an evening on the red carpet.

Casio Vintage AQ-450

A leap into the 80s: with a colored glass, the AQ-450’s design is renewed thanks to a splendid fusion of retro look and elegance. But we also find it available in further variants: with a black dial, for example, or white with geometric motifs.

Casio Vintage A-100

In homage to the F-100, the first Casio watch designed with a resin case, the A-100 line celebrates the four iconic front buttons, adding metallic components. And on Amazon it is currently on offer.

Casio Vintage CA-53WF

A watch that lacks nothing, from the stopwatch with hundredths of a second to the second time zone and, above all, the feature that made it legendary: the calculator.

Casio Vintage A700WEMG

Super thin rectangular case, LED backlighting, comfortably self-adjusting strap and daily reminder to not forget the most important appointments.

The best G-Shock watches

In 1983, engineer Kikuo Ibe launched a watch thought to be indestructible: the G-Shock. Designed to be highly resistant to shocks and water and, with a 10-year battery life, it was the most advanced digital watch the world had ever seen: a family of models that today sees endless variations, but all equally trendy and performing.

G-Shock GA-100

A Virtual Rainbow: Inspired by the aesthetics of the cybertech gaming world. Polished black bezel and strap, while the surfaces play with a multicolor design.

G-Shock GA-110

The Ga-110’s oversized case pops with color. Inspired by lucky catch at Japanese capsule toy distributors.

G-Shock GA-2100

A model born from the special collaboration with the innovative French fashion of Futur, whose founders come from two different backgrounds: one from skateboarding, the other from clothing.

G-Shock Adventurer’s Stone

Limited edition dedicated to the brand’s 40th birthday, with a steel bezel that recalls the texture of the mineral stones that adventurers used to navigate in ancient times.

The best Casio Pro-Trek

Probably the line that best symbolizes the technological avant-garde that characterizes Casio. Designed to withstand the most extreme hikes, climbs and the most challenging outdoor activities, the Pro Trek has a triple sensor (barometer, altimeter, thermometer), compass and radio-controlled atomic timekeeping making it the essential companion for your next adventure.

Casio Pro-Trek Prg-340

A watch for those who challenge nature, but respect it: the Prg-340, in fact, is a model that incorporates low environmental impact biomass plastics, while simultaneously guaranteeing the same wearability on the wrist.

Casio Pro-Trek PRW-61

For its 160th anniversary, the Swiss brand Mammut has chosen Casio to create this model with a double strap. The one in fabric, made with recycled plastic bottles and is characterized by the all-over Alpine-style print typical of the brand’s design.

Casio Pro-Trek PRW-6900

Rugged and rugged outdoor style For this watch that features a metal bezel with sharply sharp edges, reminiscent of a wood-chopping axe.

Casio Pro-Trek Prg 270

A watch that provides ever more accurate altitude, barometric pressure and direction readings. The barometric pressure trend alarm alerts the wearer to sudden changes in pressure readings. On Amazon it is on offer for €163.

The best Casio Edifice

A family that combines performance with an aesthetic borrowed from Formula 1 cars and aircraft cockpits. Here you can find models that offer useful functions such as Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones, world time zones and solar energy, but also a selection of more understated analogue watches, with refined but sporty details such as brushed dials and unidirectional rotating bezel .

Casio Edifice Ecb-900

The splashes of color on the dial are inspired by the layout of racing car steering wheels. The second hand and other color-coded components ensure optimal visibility.

Casio Edifice EFS-S620DB

Its slim line makes it slim and comfortable to wear. Waterproof up to 100 meters, it has a sporty design and is solar-powered.

Casio Edifice Classic

One of the most classic Casio Edifice models, with three hands, with a waterproof case up to 100 liters, protected by a sapphire crystal.

Casio Edifice Efv-C110D

An analog-digital watch with a 10-year battery life. Among the numerous functions, the world time, the 1/100 second stopwatch and the countdown timer. On Amazon on offer.

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