The best newcomers arriving in, Netflix, HBO, Amazon, and Filmin in July


The Sign is that which is most full: “The young girls of the cape’, ‘The academy’ or the ‘Warrior nun’. And it’s the biggest release of the films on Filmin, it brings up The “invisible man” to Elisabeth Moss

It makes an awful heat, which, certainly, whatever you do in your free time, whether it is to move from the small beach to the pool, and vice-versa. But to be one of those days where you skin is so burned that it gives you a fear of being out on the streetthe best thing is to lie down on the couch with something fresquito on hand, as well as a marathon of the series on tv. These are the best releases coming in July, HBO, Amazon, Netflix, Filmin.

The girls of the handle (T5)

Premiere: July 2,
A Platform Sign

The girl in the cape the show, which brought together all the stakeholders in the area of School, Blanca Suárez, Yon González y Martiño Rivas, comes to an end. After several years in which the protagonists are fighting for a brighter future, a feminist and progressive, and the dream of a better life comes to an end, if the end of the Republic, and then comes the harsh Civil War. In this new series of five chapters that contain all of the frames, and give the goodbye to the final.

The Umbrella Academy (2)


Premiere: July 2,
A Platform Sign

The first season of this series based on some of the comic book super hero was a huge success due to its inherent complexity, history and charisma to their characters (one of them played by Ellen Page). Now, come up with story lines even more tricky as time travel and the apocalypse to be avoided.

Warrior nun (T1)

Premiere: July 2,
A Platform Sign

One of the main features in this month’s Netflix series Warrior Nunbased on the comic book of the same name. A girl dies and is resurrected with superpowers and a mission to work with the nuns of the ninja to the end of the demon. Although it looks like the geek, the comic book in its day, it has become a hit in the indie and Netflix are selling the series as a conflict-of-action-millennial (not using the The Selection in Mexico, as the soundtrack to promote it. The work is interesting, or seriaca-worthy? The word of god.

The Invisible Man (film)

Its the 10th of July
Platform Filmin

I was at the cinema when it came to the hiv pandemic. In fact, if you cogiste of the tube during the confinement, I had the posters of the movie hanging as a reminder of what’s normal, what was the life of the coronavirus. If you don’t get to see her in this drama, which starred Elisabeth Moss (‘Mad Men’, The story of the maidit is one of the more than twenty titles for a new movie that comes out this month on the Filmin.

By H (B (T1)

Premiere: July 22
A platform serves a daily continental breakfast

Based on a famous short film, in the mood The pipesMartha Martin, and Saida Benzal go back to the place in the papers, of Hache, and Brazil. In this comedy, which is focused on the amazing stories of two young people in the Parliament dealing with the culture of millennial more cool and purple Just.

The Displaced (T1)

Premiere: July 8,
A Platform Sign

The mythical Cate Blanchett has produced a series on refugee conflict and migration, charged in the complaint policy. It focuses on the true story of Cornelia Rau, a woman was arrested unlawfully in the center-of-psychiatry-by the laying on of the system, the immigrants, the australian. The film is starring Her in a series of Serena Joy The story of the Maid).

A Star is Born (film)

Premiere: July 2,
A platform serves a daily continental breakfast

The grain of the film by Bradley Cooper), and Lady Gaga, who play for a singer, a love triangle the country they discover a singer is unknown, it will try to convert it in the past. The film is the third the story the A Star Is Bornlaunched in 1937, and it doesn’t bring anything new, even in the wake of the original: the famous self-destructive, that she fell in love with a girl who wants to get to the peak of the show-business. However, you killed it at the Golden globes, the Oscars and the Grammy awards. Yes, it’s well worth it, even if it is for his music.

Prodigal Son (T1)

Its the 3rd of July
A platform serves a daily continental breakfast

An argument is a very valuable asset: a psychopathic serial superlisto if you have a child who is the police (in this case, the psychologist legal executive) to correct the evil which you did to your father. When the series begins he is serving a sentence, but it begins to imitate its modus operandi, and his son, and then, you have to be able to talk to his father, nevertheless, to assist you with your case. In spite of being so viewed, the series was well received in the United States.

We’re going to sing! (talent show)

Premiere: July 24,
A Platform Sign

Netflix keeps up with all the reality and talent shows, and in a format that is funcionándole. At this time, it is a talent show hosted by the extriunfito Is the Merino, which, as we have said, in an interview with the New Code, you will be in a format that is different than the Operation’s Success.

Piece (T1)

Premiere: July 17,
A Platform Sign

After the success of the The Witcher, Netflix continues to venture into stories with a fantasy, medieval. Tom Langford (Hannah Baker 13 reasons why) did a review of the legend of Arthur. At this time, the focus on the Heard, for the Lady of the Lake, who bestowed the sword, mythical Sword, and to his tragic fate: the young woman, surprised by what lives in the water.

Hanna (2)

Its the 3rd of July
Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Based on the movie of the same name, Thus it follows the story of a young man with supernatural powers trying to find out who you are, in fact, while you are being chased by a member of the CIA. An argument that is typical of science-fiction, but that doesn’t mean that it will be a fun and quick to watch.



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