The best series to watch in September 2023 in tablets

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The best series to watch in September 2023 in tablets

Gaia Montanaro

Cult closures, comebacks and new stories: From The Morning Show to Sex Education, here’s what you can watch on the small screen this month

Serial September is expected to be very diverse in genres and tones. Some long-awaited returns (including joy for the eyes), some closures of cult series and some new (short) stories that promise good news on paper.

Changeling: A New York Tale (Apple TV+, September 8)

Based on Victor La Valle’s bestseller of the same name, the series is set in an estranged New York where a used bookseller is struck by the sudden disappearance of his wife Emma after she has just given birth to their first child. . A man goes on his trail and finds himself in a kind of black fairy tale, consisting of unexpected meetings, unexplored places with a sinister nature and shades of horror. A story that combines different genres, sustained rhythms and dedicated to spectacle (quality, especially when staged).

The Morning Show (Apple TV+, September 13, Season 3)

The third and final season of one of Apple TV’s longest running and most successful series is back after a long wait. Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are always at the center of intrigue and rivalry in the network where they work. The world of show business is merging with the world of journalism, and this time the threat comes from both a hacker attack that threatens – notionally – the network’s internal security, and the arrival of a billionaire tech mogul (played by the unforgettable Jon Hamm or Mad Men’s Don Draper). ), which appears to be interested in buying the chain. The stakes continue to rise and (maybe) the narrative choices on offer don’t always seem so trustworthy, but The Morning Show is always one of the shows to watch.

Another Black Girl (Disney+, September 13)

The new Hulu series, based on the novel of the same name by Zakiah Delilah Harris, is full of mystery, comedy and thriller. At the center of the story is Nella Rogers, a publishing assistant and only African-American employee. However, when a second girl, also black, is hired, Nella becomes the victim of worse manipulation. The girl was deluded that she would find an ally in the newcomer, but begins to receive strange messages as more and more conflicting elements appear regarding the publisher for which the girls work, and in particular its founder. A story that begins with an interesting dramatic paradox but then seems to settle down on more classical narrative practices.

Life at Carlo’s (Paramount+, September 15, Season 2)

The second season of La Vida da Carlo changes platforms but remains tied to its classic narrative, which tells the life of Carlo Verdone in a fictional (but not overly) way. Refused the idea of ​​becoming the mayor of Rome. Verdone backs down from making a feature film, but the conventions (and even self-deprecating jokes) that come with it seem to make the venture even more difficult than becoming mayor. As practice shows, even in the second season, many famous faces appear in the series: in the second chapter, among others, we find Claudia Gerini, Gabriele Muccino, Christian De Sica and Maria and Filippi.

Supermodels (Apple tv+, 20 September docu-series)

Four episodes focus respectively on four of the greatest supermodels of all time: Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington. The women trace their fast-paced careers in the 1980s to their professional breakthrough, then move on to the next chapters and how they rediscovered themselves after they stopped walking the runway. A story for theme enthusiasts that delicately focuses on the changes in the fashion world over the past thirty years.

Sex Education (Netflix, September 21, Season 4)

The fourth and final season is also for Sex Education, a successful and highly effective series, especially for a younger audience. The new challenge of this chapter of the series is the arrival of Otis and Eric in high school and the resulting new environment they find themselves in, made up of new rules and codes to decipher. And, of course, sex: the one that is said, done and told, which causes not only a scandal among new companions, but also interest. There will be love, new relationships and (hopefully) a long-awaited happy ending.

Still Up (Apple TV+, September 22)

A British-style romantic comedy starring Lisa and Danny, her anxious mother, a journalist. The two spend their nights (both suffering from insomnia) texting each other in a crescendo of complicity, which, however, always omits only one theme: the mutual interest that has arisen between them. Light, fresh tones and pleasant narration – a story based on the tradition of good English writing.

No Way Out (Paramount+, September 28)

This is again an adaptation (from Lucy Clarke’s bestseller) of a thriller centered on Lana and Kitty, two nineteen-year-old friends who, deciding to take a break from their life in the UK, board a yacht called The Blue. at the Philippines. Sent to this luxurious place (but with no other choice than the sea), they will have to face unexpected dangers. A genre series that is closely related to the action and has a lot of internal tension.

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