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Our first hours in Counter-Strike 2 can be difficult if we do not know how to connect with the weapons, but that is the reason for this guide

The real protagonist of competitive shooting games like this Counter-Strike 2 They are games valve include Weapon arsenal with over 25 different options This will force players to make many decisions. Questions may arise about which one is best, what to buy each round, or how to configure your weapon set before entering the game. We tell you, it’s simpler than it seems.However, to make it easier for you to take your first steps with this version of the title, we’ve prepared A guide to answer all your frequently asked questions.

What is the best weapon in Counter-Strike 2?

We start this guide with a tough question. The reality is that there is no single weapon in Counter-Strike 2 that we can classify as the best weapon. Unlike other games where we always have all options at our disposal, here we are limited by the economy. Apart from, We must understand weapons as tools. There is no “tier list” of screwdrivers because the screwdrivers we need vary depending on the situation. The AWP is a cool sniper rifle that can one-shot enemies in the body. It offers unparalleled performance at long range coverage angles, but is very weak when space shrinks or when multiple enemies attack simultaneously. It’s not better or worse than the AK-47, it’s just used differently.

No matter what, we will give it to you as close an answer as possible Here are the best weapons in every categoryarrive.

  • high price: AK-47 (medium range, several enemies) or AWP (long range, several enemies). In the absence of an AK-47, the defender can bet on the M4A4 or M4A1-S.
  • half price: Galil (measuring distance), FAMAS (medium distance) and SSG 08 (long distance, very difficult to use)
  • low price: MP-9 (short range) and UMP (medium range)
  • pistol: USP-S (default), P250 (very low price) and Desert Eagle (highest price)
The AK-47 is one of the most versatile options.

What weapons to use each round?

The decision of which weapon to use depends on three variables: position in the game (attack or defense), economy, and functionality for the next round. We must also remember that the higher the level we play, the greater the difference in choice. For example, at lower levels, almost all players only buy a vest in the first round because they don’t know how to use grenades effectively or take advantage of better pistols. Anyway, considering we’re focusing on novice players, here’s what we recommend.

  • Round 1: Vest, don’t buy weapons. Never save the first 800.
  • second round: If we win the first round; vest, helmet and submachine gun (MAC-10, UMP or MP9). If you lose, it is best to keep your money above 2,000. We can spend the most money on the gun of our choice.
  • third round: If we already have the main weapon equipped, we can continue to use it to generate more economy. Otherwise, if funds allow, it’s time to consider a rifle (AK-47, M4A4, or M4A1S). Galil or Famas, if we’re being fairer. If you won round 1 and lost round 2, it is recommended to consider round 3 without spending money or forcing.
The purchase menu in Counter-Strike 2 has changed.

Only in the first three rounds can we simplify so much, since the same situations almost always recur.From here, things get more complicated, making giving even more efficient general advice.

  • It is recommended to carry utility tools (smoke, blinding, grenades, and incendiaries) during as many rounds as possible.
  • A full buyout will cost about $5,500 for the defense and $4,900 for the offense. If you use AWP, around 1750 (for any team) more.
  • Take a look at your equipment before buying. If they can’t do it, it’s not worth the money.On the other hand, if everyone is making a good purchase, you should use what you have to get the best equipment you can get
  • If you want to buy AWP, it is recommended that you add P-250 or 57 pistols when purchasing. It is not recommended to pair snipers with CZ or Desert Eagle at all.
  • Generally speaking, it is a bad idea to have more than one AWP per team. Some maps allow two snipers on the defender side.
Adjust your weapon purchases according to your strategy. A shotgun can be great if we want to cover enclosed areas or short distances.
  • If most of the equipment is below 1800, it is best to buy as much as you can. Between 1900 and 3600 is the best time to go “eco”, which means not spending anything. Between 3,600 and 4,500 we can make a “forced” fee since we still have a good chance of winning. 4,600 or more, especially in the lower range, we can totally buy it.
  • If you have money to spare, and all players have access to more than one weapon, don’t hesitate to give your partner a rifle.

The best weapon combinations in Counter-Strike 2

Before starting the game Counter-Strike 2, we must choose up to fifteen weapons as part of the equipment. They will be the only tools we can buy during the confrontation, and among these options we must have enough tools to adapt to any situation. In this sense, we recommend making the best weapons possible. A lot of this will depend on our style of play, but we will provide what we feel are the most complete options for both the attacking and defensive teams.

  • counterterrorism officer: UPS-S (junior), P250 (pistol), CZ75 (P), Wuqi (P), Deagle (P), UMP (intermediate), MP9 (NM), MAG-3 (NM), XM1014 (NM) , P90 (NM), SSG08 (rifle), FAMAS (R), M4A1-S (R), AUG (R), AWP (R).
  • terrorist: Glock-18 (initial), P250 (pistol), CZ75 (P), TEC-9 (P), Deagle (P), UMP (intermediate), MAC-10 (NM), MP5/Nova (NM), XM1014 (near mint), P90 (near mint), SSG08 (rifle), Galil (right), AK-47 (right), SG553 (right), AWP (right)
The above weapons set in the photo.

With this combination we will always have an option for every starting situation.Our most controversial suggestion is United MPdue to its difficulty in use; this CZfor similar reasons and P90, in this case due to its limited usefulness. We believe that in the first two cases, it is worth learning how to use weapons. As for the P90, it has a lot of maneuverability when shooting and can be successful at low ranges. Still, we don’t recommend using it too much. There’s just a space available and this seems like the “least bad” option to fill it.

With all of this out of the way, you should be ready to excel in your first game of Counter-Strike 2. We recommend that you be patient as this is a difficult game to master. However, if you can connect to Valve’s tactical shooter, It’s worth the extra effort.. The good news is that this new version is at least the most accessible one the developers have released.

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