The big show with Selena Gomez in it with a pair of pants that is very down


On February 21, 2020
(17:01 (CET)

Selena Gomez it’s in the news for what they do, and just about anything that you have on the top of it. And that is what we have been able to see it this week, with the oversized glasses of a round shape, and a t-shirt similar to that of a shop assistant in a Foot Looker, but it’s really no one even noticed it.

And the fact is that the singer is american, wearing black pants so tight that you don’t let anything to the imagination, and I could clearly see that, among other things, to Selena Gomez, she is a woman.

An image that matches the challenge that it leads to Better Service in the past month and a half, which is transforming itself into a new one Miley Cyrus.

Selena Gomez

A transformation that is unexpected

With the passing of Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus has been on a show quiz, but you made it Miley Cyrus will boost the company’s reputation as one of 1000%, however, in the transformation and Selena Gomez are not achieving the same return.

Above all else, to tell us that the singer is so famous, and it has a very true. That is to say, you do not need to reinvent itself in this way, the level of the general public.

However, the depression that began two years ago, and he did not love too much, and now it looks like he wants to fight against it, proving that if you want to, and you can do whatever you want, and you can be in control of your life.

In this spirit, that we are looking at how Selena Gomez each and every day turns out to be more daring than the one before it, and his fans are anonadados, although I have not been able to open them in numbers.