The big team from South America looking for Marcelo Moreno Martins

The 34-year-old Bolivian forward is the sensation of the South American Qualifiers heading to the Qatar 2022 World Cup for his nine goals in 14 games.

Marcelo Moreno Martins - Bolivia

The high level of Marcelo Moreno Martins placeholder image in the South American Qualifiers with the selection of Bolivia it aroused the interest of one of the most important clubs in South America. The nine goals in 14 games that turned into the road to the Qatar World Cup 2022 (he has 15 points and is two from Peru, in Repechage) were more than enough for Colo-Colo, one of the leaders of the Chilean league, initiate negotiations with the forward’s representative.

According to the medium AS, Colo-Colo, driven by the Argentine Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image, look for hierarchy players and Martins, from 34 years, it was already of interest to him in the previous repo market. The footballer has contract with Cruzeiro (Today in Serie B in Brazil and far from getting promotion) until December 2022, although there is an important detail: does not have a termination clause.

The problem of Colo Colo is that you have to free up a quota of foreigners (It has the Argentines Matías Zaldivia, Emiliano Amor, Leonardo Gil and Pablo Solari, the Uruguayan Maximiliano Falcón, the Peruvian Basilio Costa and the Venezuelan Christian Santos). For now, both clubs will wait for their championships to end to continue advancing in the negotiation.

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The goals of Marcelo Moreno Martins with Bolivia in the South American Qualifiers

The forward has nine annotations, two from penalties, and surpasses players of the stature such as Neymar (7) and Messi (6).

  • A goal to Argentina Selection in La Paz for date 2 of the South American Qualifiers.
  • A goal to Ecuador in La Paz for date 3 of the South American Qualifiers.
  • A goal to Paraguay in Asunción for date 4 of the South American Qualifiers.
  • Two goals to Uruguay in Montevideo on date 6 of the South American Qualifiers.
  • Two goals to Venezuela in La Paz for date 7 of the South American Qualifiers.
  • A goal to chili in Santiago for the 8th date of the South American Qualifiers.
  • A goal to Uruguay in La Paz for the 14th date of the South American Qualifiers.

Marcelo Moreno Martins, the historical scorer of Bolivia who never played a World Cup

With 28 goals, Martins He is the footballer who converted the most with the jersey of the national football team. Bolivia. In addition, it is the third highest scorer in the history of the South American Qualifiers (21). It is only surpassed by Luis Suarez (26) and Lionel Messi (26). Left behind Hernán Crespo (19) and Marcelo Salas (18 goals).

Despite these incredible numbers, the 34-year-old attacker never played a World Cup. Is that in the 2010, 2014 and 2018 qualifiers Bolivia finished ninth and could not qualify for the most important national team competition in the world.

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