The “Big Three” Don’t Win NBA Titles

Kevin DurantKyrie Irving, James Harden; Lebron James, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook; Kevin Durant devin bookerChris Paul.
What do these dream tridents, which seem to have fallen there by accident, have in common?

Over the past 3-4 years, there has been a clear trend of the league’s superstars in pursuit of the NBA title to surround themselves with other champions in order to create the so-called “big Three”The maximum display of basketball omnipotence that a team can deploy on the pitch.

Three stars who play in harmony with each other, easily overcoming any sort of defensive scheme and adjustment the opposing defense has to contend with, dominating matches with an almost ‘Zamanian’ philosophy. For, always making another goal of others.

Then, after all the summer of speculation and fantasizing, we meet in October just in time for the start of the season and these so-called superteams begin an unlikely effort, uncovering enough cracks to keep us from ever reaching the ultimate goal, The Ring. Do not allow access.

in chronological order was the last to try Phoenix Sunswho after selling off half the roster (and you all must have seen what Mikal Bridges is becoming…) to get Kevin Durantthey put it together devin booker And chris paulGetting a pair made by KD and Book that really made Sparks, but also a CP3 that quickly ended up over the edge, maybe too old or maybe not very integral with the other two.

The Suns roster clearly showed that this was not enough, as apart from 1 and 35, no one else was able to perform. two halvesscoring a few points and conceding many, even without the Clippers’ very modest attack Paul George And kawhi leonard,

So now the ex-coach’s defense against the Nuggets monty williams It was definitely demolished, allowing entry from Denver to anyone who wanted to attack the iron.

Hence the choice to overhaul the roster in depth and the inclusion of the main change Bradley Beal In place of chris paul To create a new offensive super trident, to further restrict rotation (with the wage bill also weighed down by contracts over 50 million) and further widening the gaps in the defence.

For God’s sake, maybe these Suns will easily win the 2023-2024 title and we can’t know yet, but history teaches us that’s not the case.

To return to the original question, the results of all those Big Three have, for one reason or another, been deadlocked: the last titles have been won by the Nuggets, Warriors and Bucks, 3 teams that have their own incidents on the field, but that they won with the help of a rich man supporting cast (variously Aaron Gordon, Bruce Brown, Andrew Wiggins, Kewoon Looney, PJ Tucker, Junior Holliday…) and with a solid defenseThe true motto of all title winning teams.

To conclude, Beale’s business in Phoenix seriously risks continuing in the vein of the others. big ThreeBecause the ex-Wizard, although he is an underrated All-Star, is certainly not the element that will lead the way in the Suns this cycle.

In the NBA, as in all team sports, it is not the stickers that win, but the ideas and expertise of all elements of the company.

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