The Biggest event for Microsoft in This year took place with the Virtual, because of the Corona Virus

149 – Event of the latest technology, the Microsoft Build developer conference affected by the corona virus, which is the middle of the plague in the whole world.

The plan of the developer conference, the software giant is found, held in Seattle, from may 19 to may 21.

However, due to the presence of the corona-virus that Microsoft decided to make the event a digital, or virtual.

Microsoft has decided to the event, most of them, because the health and avoid larger gatherings of people to prevent the spread of the corona virus, which is great.

The messages communicated by a speaker from Microsoft, and submit this statement.


Dilnsir of the page The Vergehere is a statement from Microsoft, “The safety of our community is a top priority. In view of the recommendations of the health for Washington State, we give the case of the Microsoft Build annual we for developer Digital, as a replacement for face-to-face. We look forward to connecting together the ecosystem of our developers to learn the in a virtual format, the new, and code.” write to Microsoft.

The case Build, and this annual event is a great event in a similar position, although focused on the developer.

The Software manufacturers are using to see a Build of the latest changes to Windows, Office and software, and other services.

Microsoft plans to reveal more about the plans of the dual screen in the Build event this year to Android and Windows 10x.

Delay event Microsoft is following similar steps by Google to cancel the event developer own I/O and many other events.

This step is very important for the improvement of public health and for the prevention of the spread of the corona virus, which is larger.

Some of the great technology companies of the conference of the virtual canceled due to the corona virus plays, such as Microsoft and Google.