the bikini Ines fact, polemics, Claude reacts !


This year the bikini Ines is a polemic in Koh Lanta. But Claude, the old adventurer has responded to the flood of criticism !

It is the outfit that you the user have a conversation on Twitter. This year, Ines, the new candidate, which is spoken of Koh Lanta is much. The reason for this ? Your bikini ! A former adventurer has, therefore, decided to respond. MCE TV will tell you everything !

It is a good month of February for fans of adventure. And for good reason ! The new season of Koh Lanta, began on the 21. February 2020 on TF1. This year, the new candidates are in the form. Many people have already made it a talking point.

Joseph is in the first row ! His temperament and the fire was a surprise to the user. While he threatened to eliminate, has wiped out the person the fire. A premiere in Koh Lanta. But that’s not all. Do not forget about the lovely Ines, or rather … her ass !

In fact, your bikini has to be very cut, creates a great controversy. The young woman was so expressed on Instagram : “There are things so much severity, that a po… I hope that you can recover“.

Koh Lanta - bikini Ines fact, polemique, Claude reacts !

Koh Lanta – bikini Ines fact, polemique, Claude reacts !

A bug in Koh Lanta

His team-mate Claude has also responded. You think of it ! This candidate Koh Lanta had been attempting his luck in this adventure 2010. But even two years later ! Claude is so safe ! Ines wanted to your look. Pretty rare in the series. ” I think that some of the candidates think to monitor their appearance. That’s not necessarily my personal case “ he stood so.

But that’s not all ! The adventurers of Koh Lanta also acknowledges that the pretty brunette has made a mistake.“The mistake that almost all of them. For myself, for my first season I am with a shirt made of linen. It is the most sensible choice was no more. I think you really have a bad choice”

For Claude, that is for sure Ines has understood his mistakes :“I think that you should return one day, would you have a different selection, but this is not the first to have really a bad choice of clothing. It’s a power play, I think that you can everything ! “