The “bikini Pekingese” threatened by the Chinese authorities


A man with a t-shirt raised the fate of the national stadium, Beijing, China, august 2009.
A man with a t-shirt raised the fate of the national stadium, Beijing, China, august 2009. NG HAN GUAN / ASSOCIATED PRESS

Qui is already dared, in a Chinese town in the heat-spike crossover one of these men, for the most in a certain age, the t-shirt, curled up on the torso inevitably, so that the dawn of fat of a tummy. A technique for refreshment, when widespread, that it even carries a name : the ” bikini Pekingese “.

But recently, this form of exhibition nombrilique is seems to be more to the liking of the authorities. At the beginning of July, the city of Jinan, capital of Shandong province in the 8.7 million people live, prohibited the bang ye, literally ” the old men, the bare “.

After the website information Chinese Sixth Tonethe municipality has published a new guide to the “rude behavior “ offensive is to walk where now is the fact, going bare-chested in a public place. As justification for this classification, the authorities have declared, the practice “it’s a pity the image of the city, and the morals of the inhabitants “. The perpetrators call to order, verbally, in a first time, and then will be publicly admonished, and in case of recurrence.

Energy and warm the ” qi “

The practice is not the only one, the city hall of Jinan. In the list of prohibitions is also the fact that his shoes in public, to refresh his feet, spit on the earth, and the dog is “so incivile “ or resquiller in a queue. But the prohibition of the bikini, Pekingese, which causes the most debates.

Historically, the practice is inherited from the traditional Chinese medicine, reminds Washington Post. Expose your diaphragm would be called to evacuate energy qi the organs. Gold, in this time, where the climate is warming even more – the temperature in the region has reached 36 oC this week, the question of the sustainability of urban centres Chinese in periods of hot weather provides more and more.

“Lift your t-shirt causes less carbon dioxide emissions that turning on the air conditioninga user of the Chinese quoted from the website of the U.S. television channel CNN, we let the older people to act as you want. “

Especially since the criterion of ” aesthetic that is pure discrimination, stress the many users of the Chinese social network Weibo. “If the bodies are beautiful, then we are in agreement, but when you are old and withered, it is not out of the question “a user says quoted from the website Radii China. Many users, however, welcome the decision and argues that one does not behave in the street, how to get it home.

The city of Jinan is the first, the measures against naked torso. May, is a resident of the port of Tianjin received a fine equivalent to 6.25 euros, to be airy on the belly. A Handan in the Hebei province, the authorities have also produced a promotional spot as an incentive for men to abandon this practice. You can see a young woman come to her friend for the first time your father and plays in a public park bare-chested. “Is that really your father ? It is so disrespectful ! “outraged the prospective son-in-law. At the end of the video, the father agrees to finally put a t-shirt and hat out of the house.

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