The Birkin bag, an accessory that has become an icon thanks to Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin was an actress and singer who chose France as her home, but also marked the fashion scene. A simple conversation on a plane was enough to give Hermès the right inspiration and create one of its most iconic bags: thus the iconic Birkin was born.

An icon cannot be forgotten. and even though jane birkin After starting her career as an actress and singer, the world will miss her even more hermes muse, In her honor, one of the most iconic bags of the brand was born, which is still very much loved and bought by celebrities around the world. sex and the City and quickly became a timeless symbol. Somewhat like Jane, which has launched real trends over the past few years.

The Birkin bag, an accessory that has become an icon thanks to Jane Birkin
Jane Birkin. credit: Ansa – Velvetmag

have you ever heard jane birkin fringe, Starting today, you can say yes, just like with an Hermès bag made in her honor. 60s icon, Jane Birkin disappeared at the age of 76, found lifeless at her home in Paris, the city she had chosen for herself. In recent months he had reduced his public appearances and canceled concerts due to his unstable health conditions. as it reports handleThe actress had been ill for some time and passed away on a sultry day in July. However, his name will remain firmly attached to pop culture and continues to fashion worldthanks also to Hermes who dedicated them one of their most famous bags,

Jane Birkin, Hermès muse: how the iconic Birkin was born

Do you know Hermès Birkin? The name of the chosen model is not random at all, but the story that inspired its creation. Some would say it’s all thanks to luck. On the other hand, others will think that it was just a coincidence. The thing is that in 1983, Jane Birkin is sitting in the Paris-London plane. he is sitting next to her Jean-Louis Duman, the chairwoman of Hermès, who as a new mother listens with interest to her rants. In the eyes of Jane Birkin, modern handbags are too small and awkward to hold the essentials. You can’t have it all, you might be thinking. But yes, as Hermès demonstrated shortly after. Jean-Louis Dumas took advantage of the time available in flight to create the first draft of what would later become the Hermès Birkin.

jane birkin hermes bag
Jane Birkin. credit: Ansa – Velvetmag

A rectangular bag, very spacious, soft and above all wear-resistant, which has now become a collector’s item (destined for the most prestigious auctions). As the brand states, in the first model “A smooth profile and saddle stitching. In addition, there is also a dedicated space for bottles., More than 40 years have passed since then, yet Hermès Birkin remains an object of interest, adored by stars such as Georgina Rodriguez, Chiara Ferragni, Kate Moss, Cardi B And Victoria Beckham To mention a few.

At that time, Jean-Louis Duman promised the actress that he would create the perfect bag for a career new mother and he kept his promise: the next year (it was 1984) Hermès Birkin made history. But Jen has always made fashion her own, which is why she used a bag made in her honor, but custom-sized customized (such as pendants, ribbons and scarves). The original bag made for the actress went up for auction in 2011, with stickers and charms added according to her personal tastes, in support of the victims of the Tohoku earthquake in Japan.

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