The Black Eyed Peas are ready for a big return to Sardinia

Also thisThis year’s Red Valley line-up is scary: Lazza, Guè, Nuclear Tactical Penguins and Madame will perform at the Olbia Arena from August 12 to 15, as well as Article 31, Elodie, two super DJs Alok and Paul Kalkbrenner. And master” Psalm. And yet, when you say “Black Eyed Peas”, your wrists shake.

Yes, six years laterLast time and after the August concert in Cala di Volpe, the American band finds Sardinia again. “In 2017 Cala di Volpe The audience gave us a very warm welcome, so we are very happy to be back,” say, and Taboo, the protagonists of the third date Red Valley Festival August 14th. The base line-up is three Californian rappers, minus Fergie, the lead female voice of the most famous hip-hop dance group in the world, fromyearexploits, from elephant (2003) and hits shut up, Where is the love?, Hey mom, Let’s startuntil 2017, but with J. Ray Soule, with whom they collaborated onlast record Heightwhat of catchphrases Don’t worry, Bailar adjoining AND Simply the bestreleased last November, and appeared as a superguest onthe last festival in Sanremo. “We’re putting on a great show, a mix of our longtime fans’ favorites and some of the latest hits,” the Black Eyed Peas are expecting at a concert in Olbia, which will feature excerpts from Heightcharacterized by prestigious collaborations.

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