“The Blind Side”: the true story of the film starring Sandra Bullock


There are many instances where cinema and sports have crossed paths, and most of the time they have chronicled the lives of the greatest athletes of all time. Personalities who, with their abilities, wrote important pages in the history of sports. From Race – Color of Victory To Eddie the Eagle – The Courage of Madnessfamous ones can also be found in this list Blind areadirector, 2009 John Lee Hancock (also director Founder AND Until the last clue) and taken from the book Michael Lewis entitled The invisible side: the evolution of the game.

The film established itself as one of the biggest successes of its year, earning over $300 million on a budget of just $30. The merit lies in the poignant story, based on true events, featuring a colored boy who comes from a difficult family and a generous woman who believed in him from the first moment and pushed him to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional footballer. Looking back on it all Blind area Thus, it became one of the most successful feature sports films of all time, and also received a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards.

The film also completely relaunched the lead actress’s career. Sandra Bullock, who from that moment became increasingly famous, distinguishing himself in dramatic roles. Therefore, this game is not to be missed, especially if you are a fan of the genre. However, before you start watching the film, it will certainly be useful to delve into some of the main curiosities associated with it. By continuing to read here, you will be able to find more information regarding true story of the filmV plot and others cast. Finally, the main ones will also be listed. streaming platforms containing the film in their catalog.

Blind area: the true story of the film

The story told Blind area it’s from Michael Oher, now a former American football player who played offensive line in the NFL. Coming from a poor and particularly difficult family, he is one of twelve children Denise Oher AND Michael Jerome Williams. Growing up with an alcoholic and drug-addicted mother and a father who was incarcerated several times, Michael had a poor education, changed schools frequently, and failed several times. When both parents died (his father died under mysterious circumstances), Michael was taken into custody Tony Henderson, neighbor’s mechanic. He helped the young man enter school and continue his education.

However, before he could enroll, Michael had to take several preparatory courses. His poor background and lack of academic results were in fact a particular obstacle to his admission. Here Mikhail has the opportunity to meet Collins Tuohydaughter Sean AND Leigh Anne Tuohy. Then the girl introduced him to her two parents, who inquired about his condition and helped him financially. Unlike what was shown in the film, it was Sean who initially took care of the boy. In 2004, the Tuohy family adopted Michael, giving him all the support they could get, as well as his first real bed. Thanks to a long period of training, Michael began to achieve his first successes in football and in 2009 he signed a contract with the Baltimore Ravens.

However, Oher recently sued his guardians, releasing several statements that offer a surprising twist on the matter. According to the now former NFL champion, the Tuohys would never actually adopt him, but would place him in a guardianship that would give them control over all decisions that affected him financially, allowing the family to benefit from millions of dollars royalties received as a result Blind areawithout paying him any compensation. In fact, Oher claims that he was convinced that guardianship what he himself signed was effectively tantamount to adoption, and only recently did he realize that only the Tuohys benefited from the exploitation of his image. An investigation into this fact is currently underway.

The real story of

Blind area: plot and cast of the film

The main character of the film is Michael, a poor teenager without a father, a drug addict mother. The boy is raised by several families in Oslo, Tennessee, but he runs away every time he is placed in a new home. Despite his situation, Mike manages to enroll at Wingate Christian School thanks to the help of his coach. Burt Cotton, who sees great sporting potential in the young man. However, Mike, who is very introverted by nature, has difficulty integrating with his classmates. His only friend Sean Jr.son Lee Annan interior designer with a strong character, and Sean Tuohy, a wealthy businessman. They will be the ones who will give Michael a second opportunity. Gradually, the lives of Michael and the Tuohy family will become more and more intertwined, forcing the young man to follow his dreams.

He plays the main character Quinton Aaron, who, despite some acting experience, performed his main job as a private security guard. After auditioning for the role of Michael, he told producers that if he was not chosen, he would still offer to work as a security guard on the set. However, to his surprise, he got the role. However, in the role of Leigh Anne Tuohy there is Sandra Bullock, who, thanks to this role, won an Oscar for Best Actress. However, Bullock initially turned down the role because she was convinced that she could not play such a religious woman. Finally she was convinced and was fascinated by the story. Actors then complete the cast. Tim McGraw as Sean Tuohy Sr. Lily Collins in the hands of Collins Tuohy. Jae Head instead it’s Sean Tuohy Jr. Ray McKinnon This is Coach Cotton.

Blind area: trailer and where to watch the film on stream and on TV

You can benefit from Blind area thanks to its presence on some of the most popular streaming platforms on the Internet today. It’s actually in the catalogues. Rakuten TV, Chili Cinema, Google Play, Netflix, Now, Amazon Prime Video, Now and Tim Vision. To see it by selecting a reference platform, simply rent an individual movie or sign up for a general subscription. After this, you will have the opportunity to watch it in complete comfort and in the best video quality. The film is also featured on the television program Monday, September 18 V 21:00 On the channel Iris.

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