The blood of recovered Covid-19 can be used as a treatment to eradicate it: in Mexico, as evaluated by applying it


Yes, what we are evaluating, we at the IMSS… will be tested as a research project, for which we will ask for the cooperation of those subjects who had a mild illness and has already recovered, we will show that already doesn’t circulate the virus in their body and will be asked plasma” confirmed dr. Victor Hugo Borja Aburto, director of Medical Benefits of the IMSS Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in the conference report journal of the federation on the update of data of coronavirus in the country.

However, emphasized that may be a possibility in the long term, but currently the measures of prevention focus on avoiding contagion, mass and urged citizens to avoid congregations of people and use extreme hygiene to avoid contracting the disease, which is highly contagious.

It is a treatment centennial, which seeks to use the blood donated by patients who recovered, initially of outbreaks of influenza and measles in the days before vaccines (and treated more recently against SARS, and ebola), but that now could be for the Covid-19.

Doctors in China tried to the first treatments for the Cov-SARS 2 using what the history books call it “serum from convalescent”, today known as plasma donated by survivors of the new virus.

Now, a network of american hospitals and is waiting for permission from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to begin large-scale studies of the serum as a possible treatment for the sick and temporary protection for people at high risk of infection.

There are No guarantees that it will give a result.

“We will not know until we do it, but the historical evidence is encouraging,” said dr. Arturo Casadevallof the faculty of public health of the University John Hokpins, in a statement to The Associated Press.

Casadevall used that story to make the application. The FDA is “working quickly to facilitate the development and availability of convalescent plasma,” said a spokesman.

There are good scientific reasons to try to use the blood of survivors, ” said dr. Jeffrey Henderson, of the faculty of medicine of the University of Washington in St. Louis, who co-authored the application to the FDA along with Casadevall and another colleague from the Mayo Clinic.

When a person is infected with a specific germ, the body begins to produce antibodies to fight the infection. Once the person recovers, these antibodies remain in the blood survivor’s (specifically the plasma, the liquid part of the blood) for months, sometimes years.

One of the studies planned would consider whether to give infusions of plasma from survivors with antibodies to new patients with Covid-19 would help to strengthen the immune response of the patient.

Something like that, although unlike a vaccine, any protection would be temporary.

A vaccine that trains a person’s body to produce its own antibodies against a specific germ. The infusion of plasma will give the people an injection time of the antibody of another person, what is ephemeral and requires several doses.

But if the FDA approves it, a second study would give them infusions of plasma to people at high risk of infection, as the medical staff, said dr. Liise-anne Pirofsk, Montefiore Health System and the Albert Einstein School of Medicine. It could also include residents of nursing homes when one of them gets sick.

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