The blow of heads in the Bundesliga classic that despaired of the Borussia Dortmund players

This is how Julian Brandt and Dayton Upamecano collided in the Bundesliga Klassiker Always the Bundesliga offers high voltage matches, especially when facing the Borussia Dortmund and the FC Bayern München atKlassiker . This weekend, as part of the Date 14 of the German league, has not been the exception. There were a lot of goals, moments of maximum tension and a situation that generated the scare of the players and everyone present in the stadiumSignal iduna park

. Atminute 65 , with the duel even2-2 , football player Julian Brandt received a blow that left him collapsed on the grass. The referee Felix zwayer was one of those who approached with greater urgency, although seeing how it had been Brandt after colliding with Dayton Upamecano

all the players worried. Upamecano He was also lying on the grass but the spotlights were on the player of theBVB , who was slow to regain consciousness but managed to leave the field of play awake and conscious. The blow was so strong thatJulian Brandt had to be replaced by Marius Wolf

Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich players worried about Julian Brandt after the clash with Dayton Upamecano (Photo: REUTERS)

Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich players worried about Julian Brandt after the clash with Dayton Upamecano (Photo: REUTERS) Brandt He was until that moment one of the party’s figures. He had been the author of first goal in a crash that later the Bayern step to win with annotations of Robert Lewandowski andKingsley Coman . The German midfielder also attended Erling Haaland for him 2-2

but then he had to leave the field of play for this blow. Finally the Bavarian team prevailed by 3-2 in thanks to another goal fromLewandowski , who was in charge of converting a penalty that was sanctioned at the cost ofVAR . With this result, the cast led by Julian Nagelsmann managed to get four points of difference to Dortmund

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