The blow of the coronavirus to the catholic Church in Mexico: its revenue plummeted due to the suspension of masses


The Mexican Bishops ‘ conference (CEM) indicated that their revenues decreased 98% due to the restriction to celebrate masses in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The greater proportion of its resources come from the alms.

The secretary-general of the CEM, bishop Alfonso Miranda Guardiolasaid to Process that “around 98% of the income of the church comes from the alms that the faithful give to us during the masses. But today they are suspended with the presence of the faithful, so that we ran out of handouts … and no income”.

The activities were suspended in 7,500 temples and 98 cathedrals in the country, sites where they obtained resources about 14,000 diocesan priests, 3,000 priests, religious and 135 bishops.

Also, they were celebrations of weddings, baptisms, confirmations, first communions and other celebrations that will mean fundraising.

Have No way to sustain itself (the parishes), except with some reservations that have and allow them to pay the water, light, wages of employees and other expenses”, he added.

The lack of resources for the Conference of Mexican Bishops will affect activities performed in 120 hostels for migrants, soup kitchens, dispansarios medical, orphanages, human rights centres and centre of attention to victims of violence, among others.

The CEM analyzes the way to continue without affecting the operation in the middle of the possible. He commented: “the Church was not constituted as an institution rich. So now, with the pandemic, in a way, the Church will act from his poverty to continue to help the poor and do they keep hope alive”.

The opportunity to develop a strategy to obtain revenue, Alfonso Miranda Guardiola said that weekly they need to be creative in order to survive, “without having to suspend the spiritual support and social that we provide to the population. This is the huge challenge that we have ahead.”

The catholic church has 110.9 million faithful in Mexico, with which is placed as the second country in the world with more parishioners, after Brazil, which occupies the first position, with 172.2 million, according to data from the Yearbook of the Pontifical 2017 and Statistical Yearbook of the Church for 2015.

It was the last March 16, that the CEM, which announced the suspension of activities during the health emergency, the above and watched as masses, retreats, assemblies, congresses, among others.

In a press release infomaron that the eucharistic celebrations Sunday will no longer be required during the time recommended by the Secretary of Health and suggests that “the masses are transmitted through the platform and digital media public and private, so that the faithful can unite themselves spiritually to the mysteries of the faith.”

So, cardinal Carlos Aguilar Retes celebrate mass behind closed doors in the Basilica of Guadalupe, which is transmitted in social networks. The site is characterized by is one of the most visited, annually an estimated 20 million people flock to the venue and before the suspension of activities will also mean a drop in revenues.

In the case of ceremonies for weddings, baptisms, first comuniciones, the recommendations that follow is to postpone the dates, but if that is not possible, it performs the mass. If it is a wedding only the bride and groom and the parents of both people.

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