The Boca Council and the Fabra environment live an event never seen before in football

Throughout history, in football there were situations for all tastes. Even more so when it comes to negotiations between leaders and player representatives, who each try to get their own benefit. But what happens in Mouth it is not usual, generating an uncertainty rarely seen.

Throughout Saturday, everything happened. And the most curious thing revolves around Jorge Bermudez, who assured that the “Xeneize“fixed the continuity of Frank Fabra with his representative and -as if that were not enough- he said he did not know Martin Araoz.

But a few hours later, Araoz surprised: “The representatives of Fabra are Martín Araoz and Nicolás Petrópulos, owners of alfamanagement. There is the contract registered in AFA and in social networks to Fabra expressing that he is with us, that is why it catches my attention. Maybe Bermúdez was told another story, but naming someone else really hurts us. We are us and available for whatever they want “, expressed in Tyc Sports.

And I add: “I mentioned the situation to Delgado, I asked him what they wanted to do with Fabra and he replied, everything was perfect. But beyond that, I think the easiest thing is to call Fabra and tell him ‘who is your representative’. I think someone from the club did it, that’s why the Bermúdez thing catches my attention. But we work for the good of all, we want Fabra to do well and also to Boca, because if it goes well for Fabra it will do well for Boca. If an offer is achieved, Boca will say it but really what Bermúdez said, first is not true and second that it hurts us “.

Did Boca arrange the contract with an entrepreneur who does not represent Fabra, or did the “Patron” simply give a wrong version?

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