The body (and abs) of Jessica Biel have your secret, and we know what is


The protagonist of “the Sinner” yields to the healthy diet with fermented foods and limits the intake of food with gluten and lcteos

Updated 21/11/2019 13:06

A gut flat and a toned body are sculpted in the kitchen besides in the gym. And that knows a lot Jessica Biel whose diet and exercises are based on the balance and on the non-intake (only on some occasions) of some foods that you do not feel as good and pointing others in the basket to help a lot to get that body 25 that has the actress of 37 years. We will reveal what are the tricks to achieve a body ms young, healthy and strong.

It is not new that Jessica Biel it is one of the celebrities and actresses ms admired. Recently added to the initiative #ShareStrong of your lot of a trade and friend, the model Kate Upton to empower and raise women’s social networks with a selfie with glasses and without makeup to “spread a little bit of self-love today with zero filters and without makeup” to promote among women to feel strong and to love themselves.

And we cannot but discover what makes the actress to have that self-esteem and look a strong body with abs of steel, legs increbles and bright skin with an amazing 37 years and the answer is, without a doubt, a life-style a lot more all that healthy.

The question we ask is what are your tricks better stored at the time of eating and exercising?

The protagonist of “The Sinner“he has confessed in ms a ocasin that moderation is the key. That s, has also admitted that she has always been best when he has not taken derived from wheat or lcteos. And when it is preparing for a role that requires a very good physical training increases the intake of protenas.

Another of its great advantages is that the actress is lucky enough to have own garden where she grows vegetables in body with spinach, rbanos and other vegetables that she prepares herself in salads.

In terms of what you eat in a da can be summarized as. First start the day with a sweet breakfast but very healthy as some pancakes Paleo with coconut, gluten-free, and without lcteos but with almond butter or cashews and honey of the area. Other das bet for the juice of fruits and vegetables or t green with fresh lime and honey.

At the time of eating, Biel prepares a salad fast with fresh vegetables and the accompanying quinoa or veggie burgers that you buy in a health food store and that dress with a pair of nuts or dried fruits varied.

And for dinner, always faithful to the combination of protena lean white meat of poultry or fish such as salmn, whole-grain cereals to be possible without gluten such as rice and vegetables to compose your dish.

Another of his secrets for keeping your digestive and gut flat at bay is to bet on the pickles or snacks fermented such as cabbage or sauerkraut, brcol or beetroot or gherkins, the kfir, or the t kombucha, foods that prevent the bad bacteria to proliferate in the digestive system and that it takes hours or acompaando any of your meals.

However, Biel is not extreme and is a big fan of cheat meals or cheat meals in the you are assured to enjoy without feeling that you are on a diet and sometimes it gives the ice cream, the cookies and the champn.

Lgicamente, compensates for the food with the exercise. Biel that is a former athlete, now just want to be healthy and you want your joints not to cause pain for fun with your family. In fact, in ms of a ocasin, has confessed that pas so many years of his life playing football and doing gymnastics lesionndose the knees, that he realized that, as time passed, I could not continue as.

Now the actress practices yoga because it has surrendered to its benefits to physical and respiracin to combat stress and balance your mind to your movements and connect with your body.

But in addition, makes all sorts of abdominal exercises and legs, such as squats and kicks to get a figure toned as well as crunches to achieve a flat stomach like a rock.