The bold gown of transparency of Bella Hadid who wore it without a bra in the Fashion Week of Paris


The famous american model, Bella Hadidwas the center of eyes and cameras at the Fashion Week in Paris, dominate the catwalk with a spectacular dress of lace and transparencies that allowed to see your breasts in a design of Vivienne Westwood.

The tiny waist of the model was framed in a belt of brown leather, holding a sword to give a touch to the white dress of the bride, who presented a long tail.

The model of high fashion of the british designer, known for being irreverent in their proposals, is inspired by the victorian era, with sleeves abombachadas at the top that gave you that look of the time.

In addition to the torso, the skirt of the dress was also made with the thin transparent fabric, and a bodice of silk rose, who defined the beautiful body of the model.

Bella glared and became owner of the catwalk parading the daring garment, with a flawless makeup fresh and natural, with shades and lip color nude, which is framed with a loose hair, and completely smooth, as outlined The Sun.

The audience present showed to be fascinated with the particular dress, by its transparency that did not leave much to the imagination, and by the sword you used Westwood, in order to provide cutting edge to the romantic design.

Some shoes glitter bright silver, closed the final combination of the dress, on a catwalk that showed different proposals for the hand of innovative designers from around the world.

The catwalk queen is Bella Hadid

Limited for 23 years, Bella Hadid imposes its style and unequalled beauty, on the catwalks most renowned in the world, where it is considered to be one of the faces most perfect of the fashion industry.

Together with his sister Gigi Hadid, a year older than she, are currently the models most requested by the famed designers of international stature.

In addition to succeed on the catwalk, Bella Hadid is also a queen in the social networks, with 27 million followers on his account Instagram, what adds up to be one of the best paid, with substantial profits a year.