The boss of Apple has Donated 10 million masks For Medical personnel page 1 of 2

199 – Millions of Mask for the health of workers in the United States and Europe immediately technology donated by companies from the Land of Uncle Sam, namely, Apple. This happens due to the inhibition of the spread corona virus increasingly massive.

Started, Thursday (26/3), The Head Of Apple, Tim Cook this is reveal via social media private some time ago.

US Vice-President, Mike Pence the statement, Tim Cook justified in connection with the donation of millions of such masks.

“The President and I hear directly from Apple, they donated 2 million masks to combat the corona in our country and work together with the government, to distribute it,” said Pence, citing The VergeOn Thursday (26/3).

Pence in his statement, added, on 24. March 2020, the number of masks donated by Apple on nine million. Resolved by cook, there are 10 million masks, the US and millions of others for a number of regions of the corona-virus is the most stringent in Europe.

Based on the standard of cooking in the operations team of Apple their knowledge to use in relation to the supply of goods to offer, buy and donate the masks. It is this that explains how Apple can have so many masks in a short period of time.