The Brave and the Bold: Screenwriter chosen for DC Studios’ next film?

the brave and the bold movie 2026

after rumors they want Andy Muschietti led by the brave and the Boldnext movie dc studio that will introduce the Bat-family to the big screen, looks like the movie has been called to write Christina Hodsonwhich has already signed not only glitterdirected by Muschietti himself, but also birds of preynever released bat girl and other blockbusters. So it will be a pen familiar to DC heroes.

Christina Hodson’s involvement in the news related to Muschietti as well the brave and the Bold This has to be considered as a rumor and there is still no certainty of its assumption. However, it has to be said that if WB management is happy with the work done by the Muschietti/Hudson duo for the film glitterIt is likely that he will propose it again to make it another chapter of the new DCU.

the brave and the Boldwhat do we know about the movie

With the introduction of the DCU version of Batman – who will exist apart from the version he plays Robert Pattinson in the films of Batman , the brave and the Bold Will introduce “bat family“, They said james gunn, the first of them robinwho returns to full live-action films for the first time since the ill-fated 1997 film batman and robin, This version of Robin will be played by damian waynedescribed by Gunn “Our Favorite Robin,” Little Son of a Bitch” And “killer, Damian, for the uninitiated, is the biological son of Bruce Waynethe latter of which had no idea existed.

,It’s a funny father-son story about the two of them“said Gunn. It is based on the comic series of the project batman written by Grant Morrisonwhich other james gunn has been “extraordinarily influential” on the DCU. Other comic writers mentioned by name were Gunn. tom kingwho attended the writers room dcu extension And leads directly into the next feature film project. If Muschietti is confirmed to direct, he will now be the third director to helm one of DC Studios’ upcoming films. gunn will direct Superman: LegacyWhereas james mangold was chosen to direct swamp Thing (probably after his film star wars,

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