The Brazilian referee who said he would beat the Hulk in a fight

Anderson Daronco He is known in South American football not so much for his failures as a referee but rather for his peculiar physical appearance that is the subject of comment by the vast majority of viewers – live or on television – every time he participates in a match. The judge sports some really toned muscles, little seen among his colleagues.

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For this reason, the native of Rio Grande is usually the subject of memes, although he takes it with humor. Especially since Hulk, the famous Brazilian striker, decided to return to his country to play for Atlético Mineiro and in this way the referee’s physique was no longer going to be the only one so striking due to its volume in the Brasileirao.

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Daronco, famous for his muscles.  AFP

Daronco, famous for his muscles. AFP


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The good old Daronco, far from being bothered by comparisons and jokes on social networks, collaborated with the ingenuity of users when last June he directed a game of Mineiro against him San Pablo, which ended with a 1-0 victory for the locals. There he saw the faces for the first time with the Hulk and played for the memes.

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“I already knew this was going to happen. As soon as the Hulk was transferred to Brazilian soccer, I thought: ‘I’m going to invent some fun as soon as I referee the first Atlético-MG game“He had a dialogue with the YouTube program Desimpedidos. The referee was referring to a photo that was circulated in which the difference in sizes between the two is noted in their favor.

The giant Hulk.  EFE

The giant Hulk. EFE

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It is that during the game Twitter exploded at a time when both protagonists were face to face, close, at the mercy of the cameras and also of the original jokes of the networks. It is that although both have very marked biceps and the rest of the body accompanies, the Hulk meter eighty was somewhat small next to the 188 centimeters of the referee.

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Everything was searched by the judge, who revealed that it was compared before: “I waited, during the warm-up, when we went through the tunnel, before the game, to enter the field. I thought: ‘I’ll stop by the boy, see if I’m bigger. If he was bigger, he would be by his side during the game and would eventually show up. Now, if he was bigger … “. Quite a showman.

He's great against defenders like Otamendi.  AFP.

He’s great against defenders like Otamendi. AFP.

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According to the judge, if they wanted to face each other and measure the power of their muscles, he would run with an advantage especially because of the height and those extra centimeters that would give him an extra benefit. Always in a humorous tone, Daronco is sure that he would win in a crossing.

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“During the match, there was a situation where I insisted on staying together, just waiting for the meme“added the referee, who contributed an interesting fee for the show to be insured. Daronco, who will be angry with some for mistakes during the 90 minutes, turned out to be a genius for social media marketing.

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The referee directed relevant meetings, but many remember him for an unusual penalty that he did not charge in a duel between River and Independiente in the 2018 Copa Libertadores, which would later be won by the Millionaire. Javier Pinola knocked down Martín Benítez, from Rojo, with an iron on the knee, inside the area, but neither the judge nor the VAR sanctioned an infraction and the corresponding red.

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