The breathtaking clash between Batman and Deathstroke in an animated storyboard of Ben Affleck’s unmade film.

As many of you know, after the release batman v superman, Ben Affleck began work on a film dedicated to his own Batman, which in the first phase he will write, direct and produce, and also, obviously, will play the role of the protagonist. Warner set filming for early 2020, but the actor subsequently decided to step down first from the script and then from directing, finally deciding to part ways with the role of The Dark Knight (which will now reprise in the film). Flash).

The entire project was commissioned Matt Reeveswho decided to opt for a reboot in another universe with the main character Robert Pattisontitle retention Batman.

Below we show you a series of animated storyboards created by artist Jay Oliva, showing Affleck and Manganiello’s ideas regarding the clash of the two main characters.

Affleck and Joe Manganiello also dated multiple times, immediately focusing on the very intense and violent fights between their characters. In particular, they took the famous cinematic trailer as the main source of inspiration. Batman: Arkham Origins (Director Tim Miller, director of the first “Deadpool”).

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