the cachet of the actress is shocking!

According to some rumors, the Euphoria star would have renegotiated his cachet for the third season of the TV series.

Zendaya, record figures for the third season of Euphoria: the cachet of the actress is shocking!

The young actress Zendaya continues to win acclaim and recognition for his masterful film performances. After the extraordinary success of the television series Euphoriaaccording to some rumors it seems that the Hollywood star has renegotiated his cachet for the third season: it’s about a six-figure digit.

Zendaya, the young actress climbs the top of Hollywood

The young actress Zendaya he is only twenty-six years old, but can boast a fame and success comparable to the best actors in the cinematographic firmament. The star has already garnered several critical acclaim and acclaim from the international public, thanks to her interpretations in several top films and series: first of all the television series Euphoriain which Zendaya plays the tormented Rue Bennett and is the narrator.
After receiving well two Emmy Awards for her performance in the now famous HBO series, according to the tabloid The Daily Mail there are rumors that the twenty-six-year-old actress has renegotiated her cachet together with the production, which is preparing to make the third season. This is reportedly a huge amount per single bet.

Zendaya, stellar six-figure cachet for Euphoria

As reported by the English gossip magazine, the American actress Zendaya would have decided to renegotiate with the production of Euphoria his fee for the episodes of the new season: the Hollywood star would have managed to get the astronomical figure of ben one million dollars for each episode filmed.


This is an important figure, which only the best and most renowned actors in American cinema are able to obtain. However, given the undeniable talent and the importance of Zendaya’s part in the story, it’s no wonder her request was met with approval.

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