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The Callisto Protocol and Beyond: Is Project Titan a Battle Royale From the Creators of Dead Space?

The creators of the popular battle royale PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds announced long ago their intention to expand their IP with spin-off titles other than a battle royale.

This led to the announcement of The Callisto Protocol, a horror game developed by Striking Distance Studios, set in the same universe as PUBG, albeit in the future.

The team is led by former Visceral developers, responsible for the Dead Space series and this has caused the jubilation of fans, eager to see a new survival horror created by the hands of those in the know.

Apparently, however, The Callisto Protocol may not be the only title in development at Striking Distance: the well-known insider PlayerIGN, specialized in leaks related to PUBG, would have revealed the existence of Project Titan, a new game of the battle royale genre. , developed by the team in question.

PlayerIGN speculates that the two titles are somehow connected, by plot or theme: for example, given that in Callisto Protocol there are prisoners, perhaps the battle royale Titan is a kind of punishment for prisoners.

At the moment we can only speculate as, other than the insider’s words, we have no evidence to support the existence of Project Titan. We will have to wait for the next official news.

For the moment, the only certain news is that The Callisto Protocol will be released in 2022 on PC and consoles.


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